Jan 2010

This class was very laid back and instructional. You might not get that much of a workout, but you definitely feel relaxed. The instructor is really encouraging and personable. I'm not sure if this goes for every gym class but you can skip 6 of these classes all semester, for being sick or for studying for finals. You might not want to use these like 2-3 in a row, but it's definitely convenient. The instructor is very well-taught. I think he studied with the person who created iyengar yoga, which is just a type of yoga that uses a lot of blocks, mats, belts, and stuff. Essentially, s&m yoga, without any of the creepy violent implications that that term carries.

Mar 2007

Both Lisa and her class are fun. She never pushes students beyond their limits, but works with them to make sure they get the most out of the class. Taking yoga in the morning was a great way to start out my day. Lisa allows you to miss three classes (missing four gets you an F) and factors in lates, but you will want to be in class anyway. During exam times she even spends full classes focussing on relaxation. Hers is a true joy of a phys. ed. class!

Apr 2004

She's fun, very knowledgeable, funny, and cares. Very enjoyable class, with real attention paid to accomadating both students with no knowledge and students with a lot of knowledge. And she makes everyone feel comfortable. I took the class a second time just because I enjoyed it, even though I'd already finished the P.E. requirement. Take anything with her.

Apr 2002

This woman is about 45-50 years old but damn is she RIPPED. if you have body insecurities, this is not the place to go, because hers will put yours to shame. actually, she is quite good, really informative...i learned a lot a bout yoga, enough to be able to do it on my own. she is non-judgemental, you work on your own level and pace. Hey, it's better than fencing.

Jan 2002

I just saw a review of Baker's Karate class. I would concur with most that was written and apply it to her yoga teaching style. Baker often singles people out in a very non-yogic way. She points to either limitations, successes or phyisical boundaries some people have. She even made someone cry out of embarrassment or pain, probably both. Also, she twists Zen theory to the point that the only thing recognizable is the bowl to sound Om. Spare yourself the frustration/anguish, don't take this course. I can't believe this woman is still here. I know so many people who filed deadly course evaluations.