Feminist Texts I

Dec 2009

Fabulous fabulous fabulous fabulous fabulous. This is the best professor, and the best class I have encountered at Columbia so far. His excitement about literature and the subject carried over to us, and it was clear that because of him, just about everyone had done the readings for every class. We got a full sense of the history of feminism and all the texts he chose were fascinating. Respect, depth, and intellectual rigor were the marks of this class and of the environment Professor Tawil fostered. The seminar setting made for a great exchange of ideas, and by the end you knew each member of the class' intellectual personality. Tawil is a great facilitator of discussion, hilarious, endearing, and sensitive. Don't miss out.

Nov 2009

here you will find a slew of positive reviews, gushing about this professor. do not be fooled. my complaint is basic: i received A's on all of the written assignments for this class, and was a consistent and lively participant in class discussion. somehow, to kampen, this means i deserved a B+. of course, i am disputing this grade. as i am forced to entertain her excuses for giving me a B+, i will just say that personal resentment, and other geriatric inclinations, are to blame. and this, is unacceptable. if you want a professor who is cute and cuddly, kampen is your woman. but don't think that you can work hard and be secure that you will receive the grade you earned. be prepared.

May 2007

Tally was absolutely fabulous!!! If you get a chance to take a class with her, consider yourself amazingly lucky! She is intelligent and well-spoken and has a great sense of humor. She reconfirmed my decision to be a Women's and Gender Studies major. She was excellent about responding quickly to email, answering questions, providing feedback on rough drafts of papers, etc. Her syllabus was well-organized and she stuck to it, so you always knew what was expected for each day of class. She was also great about soliciting students' feedback and responding to our needs (such as extending paper deadlines and asking us which reading assignments we liked most and least so she could revise the syllabus for next year). And she graded/returned papers very quickly! Tally was understanding and approachable and made class interesting and fun. I never wanted to miss her class and I never had trouble staying awake in it, and I actually enjoyed writing the papers for this class and I liked the reading assignments (with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 texts). I learned so much in this class while really having a blast. The only thing I'd ask Tally to change about the structure of this class is to have her be in charge of leading the discussion (as she did in the beginning of the semester, but later she switched to assigning student discussion leaders... and I liked it better when she guided the discussion because I felt it was more focused that way). But really, this was the best Women's Studies class I've ever taken and I'd definitely recommend it!! I miss Tally already! Take her class!

May 2006

i didn't really understand what this class was about but it's a major requirement and sounded interesting. tally revamped it and chose a lot of interesting texts which we read chronologically. she bent over backward to make it not entirely western based; i'm not sure if this was a good or bad thing. i think femtexts 2 will be a lot more interesting to me, but tally was an easy grader, we had some good discussions and i was opened up to new vocabulary about how to consider the female experience. i wished it had been a bigger part of my semester, but a once-a-week class just didn't make that big an impact. still, it's easy, interesting, and you meet some cool people and consider different ideas.

May 2005

Highly recommended class-- the readings are interesting and the subject matter fabulous! With that said, do yourself a big favor and take the class with a professor other than Cynn. Class discussions seemed to lag, and most importantly, her grading is absoltulety erratic; not only is she impossible to please but there is little consistenancy.

Jan 2005

Absolutely hands-down the single best professor I've had at Columbia. I don't want to overstate my case and make this another polarized review people totally discount, but damnit, Julie Crawford will teach you shit. I concede that part of the reason I like her so much is because her academic interests are particularly compatible with mine; nonetheless, there's little subjective about a professor who delivers engaging and witty lectures, stimuates provocative class discussion, and begs students to attend office hours. I'd recommend taking her up on that plea: she's one of the most approachable professors I've ever met, and takes as much time as she has to discuss papers or really anything else that's on your mind. She's a damn tough grader, but can be counted upon to provide insightful and helpful comments on papers, no matter what grade you receive. Some claim she prefers female students or feminist topics; I'd attribute those claims to those who are intimidated by unfamiliarily feminist people and topics (or--gasp--lesbians). She's not going to make any apologies for her political-ideological standing, but I've seen her be a lot more accomodating than she needs to be to those who disagree with her (i.e. the token obnoxious Republican who "participates" incessantly). Seriously, take a class with her and decide for yourself. I guarantee you'll learn something

Nov 2004

Trish, as she has you call her, is a interesting and interested professor. She has good knowledge of a whole spectrum of feminist thought, and is able to integrate her knowledge into the class discussion. She runs the class very interactively, and no one is afraid to share their opinions, including her. Trish also adds a lot of interesting literature to the flexible syllabus and takes away some of the more dry theory, which is a lot of fun. I felt like this class was a 2 hour bright spot in my week -- definitely recommended. ps Trish also makes sure to have a dinner at her house for the small class. good times!

Jun 2003

If I were a competent poet, I'd write a sonnet to her teaching style. Julie Crawford ran one of the most engaging discussion classes I've ever been in, even in spite of a few aggressively stupid class members. She was so engaged with the readings -- if we faltered in class she'd pick out a part and connect it to modern life, or she'd jump in with some handy background info --and she got genuinely excited in a lot of the discussions, as did everyone in the class with some sort of political consciousness. Even the less feminist-oriented English students who took the class because of Crawford had fun, and the readings are awesome all-around. Take this class if you care about feminist theory and practice, and take it with Crawford if you want a fun and dedicated teacher. (ps -- don't be afraid, boys, this reviewer is a boy and had a fantastic class)

May 2003

Professor Crawford is simply one of the greatest resources Columbia has to offer its students. I am so amazed at the reviews that portray her class negatively, that I can only wonder how much class the authors of those reviews actually attended. In any event, to any student who is serious about the study of English Literature, or about the study of Feminism (an intellectual pursuit that cannot be responsibly dismissed as easily as some of these reviews imply) will find any of her classes to be simply a revelation. If you are looking for easy classes, then I would suggest you look elsewhere - unlike some reviewers, I say this not as a complaint or warning, but as an enticement to the student and a compliment to the teacher. in addition to all of the above, Professor Crawford is a warm and kind person to ALL of her students, and she makes attempts to reach out to ALL of her students.

Jan 2002

An excellent survey of early modern feminist writings. Mercer has done a fine job balancing the important literary, political, and philosophical texts written by and/or about women that have made an impact on history and on the feminist movement. Discussions were lively, Professor Mercer encouraged everyone to speak, not just the 'loud' people. She demands a high level of scholarship, but because weekly written responses are a required part of the course, we were all familiar with her expectations of us when it came time to write our graded papers. Mercer is also a very accessible professor outside of class. She never rushes you during office hours and is usually willing to make an appointment to see you if need be. Furthermore, Professor Mercer always gives prompt and thorough responses to email questions. All in all, I recommend this class, or any of the philo history classes that she teaches.