American Society

Feb 2010

Professor Diprete is the single worst professor I have ever had during my 4 years at Columbia. His lectures were incredibly dry, and often just read his notes aloud while simultaneously using a laser pointer to unenthusiastically point at the screen. While the workload was incredibly light (only three 7-9 page papers), the possible topics were incredibly ambiguous and oddly phrased. When I emailed the T.A. (Rosemary McGunnigle) and asked her to elaborate on the topics, or better explain, she seemed offended and annoyed to be bothered with such an absurd request. Both Diprete and Rosemary were beyond unapproachable. They seemed annoyed, superior, and incredibly cold. One day in class, the professor openly berated a student for asking what he clearly deemed to be a stupid question. In general, stay away from participating in this class, unless you are regurgitating his opinion. The paper comments were equally offensive. He encouraged students to use outside sources of interest while researching the paper topics, however, if the findings from the source were not in agreement with his political ideology, regardless if they were from a reputable source, he would mark you down for not agreeing with his theories. Never before, have I experienced such a negative and unkind professor. I STRONGLY advise you to not take a class with this man, if you can help it. If you're looking for an easy workload, please note the unpleasant experience above and reconsider.