Politics of International Economics

Nov 2005

Truly one of the worst lecturers at Columbia, period. avoid this class if you already get enough sleep. the reading and subject is super interesting, but that has no effect on horrible powerpoint lectures. the group project is a good idea, but ends up being really tedious. the final and midterm are a really good format, but her grading seems pretty random.

Jan 2002

I loved this class. Prof. Mattli has an unusual lecture style, but somehow he manages to be incredibly engaging. The topic matter (which ranged from the creation of the EU to GATT to globalization to property rights theory) is also incredibly interesting. He is very nice and encourages students to utilize his office hours. the only thing is class often started late or class time was reduced because he took so many student comments and spent a lot of time reiterating what was covered the week before. overall, if you haven't taken an international political economy course before and want the basics, i'd highly recommend it.