Apr 2008

This is the second class I've taken with Christopher Wood, and it was a deliberate choice. He has an enthusiasm for the language that is infectious, and his knowledge of French culture is impressive. I needed that joie de vivre, after a semester of 1201 with a teacher who almost put me off French for life ... Christopher Wood is a quirky wee soul - he sometimes comes across as a bit nervous, but he knows his stuff. I felt a bit sorry for him in this class, as a lot of the kids in it didn't seem to take it very seriously, presumably because it's seen as a bit of an add-on to the main - 1201 - class. However, for me the class was a godsend, after my struggle with 1201. Christopher Wood's conversation class saved me from hating French forever more. The only downside is the inevitable, loathsome French presentation, but you'll have to do that in whatever class you choose. C'est la vie ...

Jan 2005

You know those conversation classes your friends took where there was absolutely no work and attendance was not required? This class is not one of them. Midway through the semester Professora Mora tightened up and demanded a page in spanish for every class on assigned articles to make us participate. Which was a shame, because if she had just reached out to the class for topics that we genuinely wanted to discuss, we probably would have wanted to be so prepared on our own... She's pleasant enough, but if I were to take another conversation class, it would be with someone else.