Intro to Earth Science I

Dec 2010

This class was ridiculously easy. I haven't gotten my grade yet, but right before the final I was getting 101%, and I don't have a particular talent for earth science. Professor Kelemen curves very generously. I definitely got a good overview of earth science in the class. We didn't go too in-depth on any of the topics, but learned enough to understand the concepts. For some reason our class moved really slowly. We would review lectures two or three times before quizzes and I got pretty bored sometimes. If you like earth science, though (and really, who doesn't?!), this is a fun class that fulfills part of the CC science requirement. There is a lab section, but you can also just sign up for the lectures, which is what I did. Professor Kelemen is really nice. I never talked to him after class or during office hours, but he seemed very willing to help. He managed to be knowledgeable, yet not pompous like some professors. I would recommend this class.

Jan 2009

Please ignore the earliest reviews for Professor Mutter. I just took a class with him last semester (intro to earth sciences I) and he's definitely worth taking another class with. He did have a tendency to keep everything he said almost identical to the subject matter in the class notes posted online, but I found that more helpful than aggravating. Yes, you do have to take notes, but if you miss a few facts you'll probably be able to find them on the course notes to supplement what you got from class. He went out of his way time and time again to explain potentially challenging concepts to us in ways that were easy for us to understand if what was on the notes wasn't clear enough. If he fumbles around a little, it’s just his way, but it’s obvious that he knows what he’s talking about and he certainly knows how to get that information across to a class. He's not the most fantastic professor I've had so far, but he's part of the reason I decided to major in Earth Science. I highly suggest taking one of his classes.

Mar 2002

A likable absent-minded professor type, but in no way a good teacher. Mutter spends much of his lectures fumbling with the animations on the projector and repeating in less detail the information he posts on the website. Quizzes are not incredibly difficult, but the mid-term leaves you wondering if you've learned anything at all. Note: This class is team-taught with Charles Langmuir; they each teach half the semester.

Mar 2002

Langmuir may come off as intimidating at first, but he is an excellent teacher. His lectures are fast-paced and filled with information, and he is willing to spend as much time as necessary in office hours for students to learn the material. Challenging but worthwhile. Note: This class is team-taught with John Mutter, each teaches half the semester.