V2318-V2319 Diatonic Harmony and Counterpoint

Aug 2015

I had Kozak for two classes, Diatonic I and II, and I thought he was the man. He explains things very well, and takes his job very seriously. He can be a little difficult to approach, but he covers each concept thoroughly, and is always willing to take time to explain things one-on-one if need be. Compared to the other sections of Diatonic I and II, our class was way ahead of them by the end of the year––which is a really good thing if you're moving on to theory III & IV. If you're willing to put in work, you should definitely take theory with him. If you find that he is too by-the-book for you, then you have plenty of other semesters of theory to try professors that are more your style.

Jan 2009

What a character. He certainly has his idiosyncrasies, but don't let that scare you. Marlon really knows his stuff and is happy to share the knowledge. He takes a potentially dreadful and confusing subject and presents it in a manner so crystal-clear and methodical that it seems to make perfect sense (mostly). His very organized and systematic way of running things almost takes some of the burden off of you. He also has a quirky sense of humor that makes class pretty fun. Although not particularly personable, Marlon is definitely a nice guy. He is a great choice for Diatonic, especially because he is the only instructor who does not require the $200 book set used by the department. As with most theory classes, grading is pretty firm - but Marlon's workload is lighter than other classes I've heard about (*cough* Cohen *cough*).

Jan 2002

Susser is an OK guy to take Diatonic with. The course began with a few weeks of strict 15th century counterpoint. You learned a lot of rules that you basically won't be expected to follow anywhere else, luckily the second half of the first semester was spent on something a bit more interesting, mostly writing and analyzing four-voice compositions. Not the most interesting class, but if you're going to be a music major or minor, you'll have to bear with it.