Piano Instruction

Dec 2005

I thought I was a decent pianist, but after taking from Niels I was proven wrong. Niels was patient and supportive every step of the way. I practiced every day, yet I still didn't sound as good in my lessons as I did at home. However, Neils never, not once, was condescending or berating. He encouraged me to continue, even though I got frustrated. Best of all, he showed me a better technique. We spent the entire term working on legatto. What a difference it has made in my overall playing ability. I can't thank him enough. Best of all, Niels is a sincere, compassionate, and genuine chap. The gentlest of gentlemen. He is that rare instructor that you cant wait to see every week. He makes your college experience worthwhile. Take piano from him! him

Sep 2003

A amazing teacher and pianist. If you get an opportunity to hear him play, go - he's unbelievable. If you take lessons with him continuously throughout your time here, you'll develop a great friendship with him as well.

Dec 2001

He's an excellent teacher and he's got great stories to tell. Definitely one of the better instructors here.

Jan 2000

A very charming guy who is also an incredible piano teacher. Often disorganized, and bears a notable resemblance to Gargamel, but the good far outweighs the bad. The student really determines the speed and intensity of lessons.

Jan 2000

He's kind, and a good teacher; doesn't put on excessive pressure at all. Grades are likely to go up with time: Grades based on your progress, and not what level you start out on. No exams. Workload depends on your level. Must practice every day to keep up with what is expected, though.