Dance in NYC

Dec 2009

I recommend this class to anyone and everyone. I looked forward to this class every week and the discussions in class were very interesting. The performances we viewed were amazing and ranged from modern to ballet to tap. I love Katie Glasner! She is compassionate, kind, extremely intelligent and she listens to your opinions. We watched interesting video clips in class and I learned about many choreographers and companies. Professor Glasner makes you think about aspects of a dance performance that I had never thought about. Our class discussions were always interesting and insightful. Dance in NYC is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I felt honored to have Katie Glasner as my teacher.

Dec 2006

Ms. Gennaro is very informed about what she is teaching. She is in tune with the dance world, and is a very talented choreographer. However, she is a harsh grader, that does not seem to have any consistant standards to which she always grades. Her grading is based on what she likes, and if your opinion disagrees with hers, you will not do well in her class. The other section of dance in NYC writes shorter papers, and the class is easier. If you wish to take a fun, easy dance class, do not take Ms. Gennaro's section.

Mar 2006

Even though there are already a million, I'd like to add to the glowing reviews of Katie. I took Dance in NYC last semester and loved it. I don't think it was the content or the structure of the lectures so much as Katie's sparkling enthusiasm that made this class so great for me. Watching her get so excited about a field that obviously means a lot to her was really inspiring. I danced seriously in high school but not so much in the past few years, and after taking that class I ended up motivated enough to sign up for dance classes this semester. I also really enjoyed the performances. Even though we live in NYC, I think it's sometimes hard to make ourselves get out of Morningside Heights to explore the city, and this class does the work for us. Katie's a wonderful cross between having the intellect, knowledge, and experience of a college professor and the capacity to nurture and care about her students as much as a displaced elementary school teacher. That sounds weird, but after all the teachers I've had who seem to wish they could teach the class without the students in it, it's incredibly refreshing.

Jan 2006

I enjoyed this class because of the performances, not because of the lectures. Although she showed interesting and varied video clips and led some good discussions, most of the classes were rather boring and the lectures were hard to follow. Usually, the papers we had to write had nothing to do with the information learned in class. With that said, I still recommend this class--we saw some amazing shows and she made many different and new forms of dance very accessible.

Nov 2005

Good performances. Good lectrues, a lot of unineteresting history though. Katie's very fun and engaging in her lectures and has a lot of experience to share. Very accessible.

Jan 2005

Really a very fun class to take if you want to get an introduction to what NYC has to offer in terms of Dance. You get to go see some great performances and meet some inspiring choreographers. Katie is really wonderful and kind. She's a great professor. The class is not difficult. It fulfills a requirement and it is really a great time. I never knew that I could love viewing dance so much.

Jan 2004

Prof Scolieri is a really good professor to listen to. You watch a lot of dance clips in class and he is a very passionate teacher who really seems to enjoy the subject as well as teaching. He also asks for a lot of input so you have to talk in class. And go to a lot of shows - but that be fun -- esp when people ask you, "have you done things in the city" - you can now say yes... However, he is a hard grader. It is not an easy A. Not a hard B, but not A. I recommend going to him to discuss each paper - he can be very helpful during his office hours.

Nov 2003

He is an amazing professor. And REALLY cute. He's really nice. He does add some extra work and lectures for his class. (Like a chance dance where you have to dance in front of the class) But he's a great guy, super nice, and makes a potentially very boring class interesting and fun. Plus the performances for the class are interesting.

Aug 2003

i was so terrified of taking her class because i have no dance background at all. but even though i didn't, i expressed that in every paper, and i guess she took it to heart. every paper i got back was graded extremely generously. just make sure you proofread you paper well. she was an english major and tells you point blank from day #1. glasner is very nice and personable. she tries to get to know eveyrone's names. just try to participate enthusiastically. regardless of what you might say, good bad or indifferent....overall fabulous engaging prof. the other prof she taught w/ was mindy aloff. she was a tougher grader. but you speak with her and try to ask for a rewrite. aloff will accommodate you. aloff can come around and will give you pretty decent grades. but aloff was les engaging and more boring

Jun 2003

Prof. Scolieri is an engaging lecturer who creates a fun environment to learn about dance. He is very knowledgeable on the subject and has a friendly demeanor and quite attractive I would say (that's my personal opinion though). Overall, I think he is a good professor that challenges his students and makes learning about performing arts exciting.

Oct 2002

Prof Aloff is very spacey but also very knowledgeable. She is very forgiving and understanding but sometimes lets it show that she is surprised people don't know as much as she does about dance. She is very willing to discuss any issue about dance at depth and never tries to force her opinions on anyone.

Apr 2002

An exteremely arrogant person who talks about her "quite fascinating" encounters with well-known choreographers. She thinks that everyone is supposed to perceive dance from her point of view. Definitely not what i had expected from this class. If you want to take this class take it with some other professor! Her paper assignments are ambiguous but not hard. She has her favorites in the class. If you want to voice your opinion about dance and be appreciated for what you believe, then you should definetely look into taking this class with someone more personable. Unfair grader, because she wants you to write 'flowery' like, just the way she wants it!