Immigrant Experiences

Jun 2009

Here class was good. We got to engage in a lot of interesting talks about immigration expereinces. However, I did feel at times that our one converation extended for the entire semester and I did not truly feel that we were attacking the issues from multiple standpoint. However, she is really a sweet woman and I did gain a much greater appreciation of the immigration debate.

Aug 2008

This class is very interesting, but do not take the class as a walk in the park. Assignments that ask for a discussion of your family history, for example, require you to use the texts and possibly an outside text for historical support. The workload was not heavy by any means, but take time to be detailed and thourough in your essays. Use the readings!! And if you need to research about your family, find short articles or ask family members, etc. but do not try and produce vague answers. She likes students that break down main points and explain their significance in accordance to the theories we learn in class. Think in terms of theory first and foremost. Also, make sure you attend classes. More than a couple absences will affect your grade.

Jan 2004

Although he gets caught up in his jargon, the class is overall well informative. I learned a lot about immigration theory and the readings albeit overwhelming, are quite informative. It is completely unnecessary to read everything. You only need to read the articles he refers to. The TA tells us where we are on the syllabus, so it really isnt as bad as people think. I enjoyed this class a lot and would take another class with him. He's a really nice guy and cares about his students. One would only know this if they speak to him after class. I think he stresses people out by making it seem as though he is strict on grading so that people turn in really thoughout and well argued papers, so that it leaves him with less to worry about in terms of grading. So just do your best and you'll be fine.

Jan 2004

This professor is "a nice guy," but that doesn't save his teaching style. He is a big fan of over-the-top adverbs, making them from words that are just too long already --his lectures could sound something like "the transnational effect of the strucural top-down phenomenon of the processes hold a historically and intellectually-based position in the hierarchical hegemony." He honestly talks exactly like that during class. The class "discussions" mostly involve him asking questions most of the class cannot possibly answer, and him shooting down any student who may not be entirely correct. The workload is rather heavy, but manageable. I did well but still have no idea what his grading style is. Probably fairly leneint. Fill your papers with sociological jargon and as long as you make some sense, you will probably do ok.

Dec 2003

Professor Sanchez has a great passion for the subject but unfortunately is extremely unprofessional and un-academic in his teaching. The lectures are rambling and disorganized as he often forgets what he is talking about in the middle of a speach, and is more preoccupied with hand motions and pacing than saying anything of substance. His grading is based on a rubric with no care for writing style or original ideas. He lacks integrity and demands no respect.

Jan 2003

AWFUL. DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS. Smith seems to have a following of 20-30 barnard students who think he's cute and lap up his stories about his kids like he was a standup comic (and the guy really isn't funny at all). The course essentially covers two topics - Mexican Immigration and Caribbean Immigration - and beats them into a million different possible models, with no real conclusions. In all honesty, this class is best suited for people who are looking to learn some intersting facts and not be forced to think about them in any interesting (or, more importantly, conclusive) way. Smith does not even remotely follow the syllabus, gives pointless exams, and tends to hand out assignments riddled with grammatical errors. Truly unprofessional. Grading is completely random. Unapproachable outside of class. Big mistake.

Apr 2002

I want to say that my experience within professor smith's class was truly memorable. he is thoughtful and charming, committed and brilliant, and absolutely devoted to the lost art of instruction. professor smith actually gives a damn about his students. yes, he speaks lovingly about his family and yes, he can be comedic during his lectures, but that is what makes him so approachable; so passionate. he has never forgotten what it is like to be a student; to be overworked; to be half awake because you were studying late the night before or not! he is forgiving. he is always accessible to his students. that all said, if you are in his class to just get an A minus effort than drop out. for that matter drop out of columbia. a columbia education doesn't come cheap, you have to work for it and if your looking for an excellent course with an instructor who will leave you with more than a syllabus, than i recommend any class taught by professor smith.