environmental biology

Dec 2004

I took this course for two reasons. #1 I am pre-med and wanted to save myself one semester of insanity in Mowshowitz. #2 I was interested in possibly being a EEEB major and knew that this was an acceptable course for both this and a bio major/concentration. It seemed like the best of both worlds. I think If I were choosing again, I would not take this class. I'd suck it up and deal with Mowshowitz. At least you will be ready for the MCAT. I didn't learn anything beyond high school bio, Pollack is an incoherant lecturer, and the grading system is terrible. There are 2 midterms, he drops the lower one, and a final. That's it. Two chances. His tests are ambiguous and based on his lectures for which the notes are not even helpful. I knew everything from the book, but it doesn't mean you'll do well because his questions are not straightforward, and as far as I am concerned, unfair. If you're pre-med, face the facts and take Mowshowitz. If you are just interested in EEEB, I'd take another course. If you are a major and have to deal with it, fine, its not the end of the world.

Sep 2002

I love this man. His lectures will inspire you. Biology with an apathetic philosophical twist.

Apr 2002

This man is exceptionally knowledgeable about the subject and he is full of wonderful information. He is a little intimidating and not very approachable, but don't worry, you grow to love him. He's like a grumpy teddy bear. His classes are fairly fast paced, depending on your science background. If you've taken some basic bio and chemistry, you're fine. Make sure to attend all lectures because his exams are mostly from there. Notes can get complicated, lengthy, and unfortunately the man has awful handwriting so you have to follow closely with the class. But you'll be amazed at the amount of detail you know by the end of it all. He makes it all very understandable, he will go over the difficult bits, and encourages questions all the time. I'd definitely recommend him for any class.