Gandhi's India

Nov 2003

Janaki is superb. My favorite professor at columbia. She is a very eloquent speaker and her lectures are extremely engaging, every minute of it. She is SUPER SMART. I never got bored, and i enjoyed everything i learned. Moreover, she is very approachable and always watches out for her students.

May 2003

Prof Bakhle is really great! She's a really engaging lecturer and her class is one of the few I've had in college that I actually looked forward to attending. She moves pretty fast and sometimes things seem a bit disorganized, but you always come out of class feeling like you've learned a lot. It's clear that she really loves the subject matter and this makes her a great teacher. Really wonderful class, I'd recommend it to anyone.

May 2003

The class is GREAT and she is AMAZING. By far the best teacher I have had at Columbia. She actually cares about her students. Her classes are really interesting, and she can make the most boring topic (the intricacies of the colonial economy) seem interesting. She has a true passion for her subject, and is always very enthusiastic. Her lectures are dynamic, and her teaching style great. Her beauty is merely an added bonus! The TA's in the class were very helpful, and the progression of the class in terms of chronology is ordered well. Very interesting class, GREAT professor. She is very accessible, which makes a big difference as some of hte material may get confusing at times. OVERALL, GREAT CLASS, and if you take notes, you'll do well.

Sep 2002

Absolutely fantastic lecturer. Honestly, she's amazing. Brilliant, engaging, and incidentally, gorgeous. Take whatever classes she offers -- you won't regret it.

May 2002

Prof. Bakhle is wonderful-she welcomes questions from students and her lectures make South Asian history even more interesting. Even though she uses dates to begin her lecture, she does a good job of using other materials to engage the class. I really loved her class-she makes the effort to know her students. I encourage anyone to take this class-she is an understanding professor and a terrific speaker. The TAs were very helpful as well.

Apr 2002

Professor Bakhle is my new hero. I LOVE her class!! She knows what she's talking about, she's funny, she's righteous, and she's a great speaker. I completely recommend any class with her. Her lectures are pretty well organized, and she is willing to go over things right away if you missed something.

Apr 2002

Brilliant professor and brilliant TAs (Ravi and Poornima). The three of them complement each other perfectly and all contribute to the class in each lecture. Bakhle is not afraid to ask them when she doesn't know something, lots of respect and comradeship between the three of them. Bakhle is quite intimidating, a strong independent woman with a sassy and confident attitude. But she's very well-read and very knowledgeable, makes the class fascinating every time. You can get away with missing lectures, but you won't want to. Weekly recitations are lots of fun, the TAs are very helpful. The class is incredibly fast-paced, but she more than makes up for it on tests/papers/quizzes.