1st semester basic swedish

Jan 2009

This was supposed to be my favorite class. I looked forward to taking Swedish and learning the language. However, this class has made this experience a complete pain. I continue to labor through to try and learn the language, but I frankly don't know if I can take it for much longer. There are many problems with this class. In fact, I can't think of much, if anything, that's right with it. The book and accompanying dictionary are practically useless. Instead of being made of orderly and themed lessons like good books commonly found in other languages, this book is basically just comprised of a series of short and unrelated texts about life in Sweden. Unfortunately, that is pretty much the only material used for the class. There are occasional charts throughout the book briefly summarizing various grammatical concepts, but that's as much help as you'll find. The book is also fully written in Swedish as it is apparently meant to be used in any part of the world. All that we ever do in class is take turns reading from the book and then translating. Of course, the vocabulary is always far over our heads and the amount of new words introduced with each lesson keeps us from ever accumulating much vocabulary at all. We are then left to complete numerous and tedious exercises with the so-called dictionary as our only support. However, it is only Swedish-English and not the other way around. Some exercises even require us to write down text as heard on CD's accompanying the book, although said text is extremely hard to understand, especially for people learning Swedish for the first time. I won't say too much about Verne. I feel bad for her sometimes. I do think that she is passionate about what she teaches but it seems that she has no idea what she is doing. Also, she can so snappy and borderline rude that I've learned never to ask questions during class and rather wait until after for fear of having my head ripped off. Take this class at your own risk. Even a love of the Swedish language may not be enough to rescue you.

Apr 2002

Verne is an excellent teacher who keeps track of why each student is learning Swedish and puts a lot of effort into helping you pursue those interests. She helps students learn this fun language and get scholarships to go to Sweden for the summer!