Swedish I

Dec 2004

i really disagree with the last review. verne is a great language teacher and is incredibly supportive and helpful to anyone who takes a genuine interest in the topic. she is always available out of class hours if you need extra help, and she organizes an interesting and diverse program of events related to swedish culture at deutsches haus. she demands participation and effort -- all good professors do.

Jan 2003

Verne, verne , verne what more should I say. She has got to be one of the most favortism oriented teachers I know. For starters the class only has like 12 kids, so you would think that during class you would have more of an opportunity to speak. But, alas, no- Verne only picks on people who she perceives understand Swedish. In fact , once she realizes that you are behind she won't ever call on you to read or translate. To make matters worse, if you have trouble translating then you are stuck to reading swedish and having her pick others to translate for you. How humiliating!! She is passionate about her subject, but focuses too much on women's rights (due to her sexual orientation). Needless to say the amount of swedish becomes a nuisance when you realize that both books are in swedish. Literally the dictionary is in Swedish so you can't look up words, and the textbook doesn't have a word of English either.