Elementary Spanish 1 and 2

May 2014

I could not agree more with previous reviewer. Professor Jimenez is a sweet man and a likable guy, but unfortunately if you are trying to learn Spanish in a structured environment, with a lesson plan that actually revolves around Spanish––go figure I know––then this is not the professor for you. I need not go into detail why because the previous reviewer's comments are a carbon copy of my own sentiments. It is disheartening to feel compelled to write a critical and rather negative review of a good-hearted person, but it is also frustrating to waste thousands of dollars and dozens of mindless hours on a course not living up to its rather simple objectives. Reviewing my own cost/benefit analysis of where my allegiance aligns, inevitably it was more important for me to speak up and be critical than to remain silent and not echo the previous reviewer's sentiments. This form of transparent communication that CULPA provides is an important tool to let future students know what they are potentially and plausibly getting into. But, it is not a sure fire testament by any account. With that said, do not take just our word for it. Negative reviews so often trump the positive ones. There will be others out there who are ready and willing to defend this professor on the grounds of his personality, on the grounds of his infectious teaching style, and on the grounds that something life-altering uprooted his trajectory mid-way through the semester, and thus is why he arguably became or transformed into a tangential and ill-focused teacher. They may or may not be right. I began to tune out about a month in. That is me. One person's opinion is hardly emblematic of the pulse of multiple sections. Nevertheless, it is important that you know and see both sides, and know this could have truly been a fluke of a semester for this professor. Only time will tell. Only when you weigh both sides can you truly make an informed decision.

Apr 2011

TAKE THIS CLASS! If you get into this class you are one of the lucky few. Professor Blumberg is a really amazing professor and I was lucky to have her for two semesters. I really don't know what I am going to do not having her next semester. She wants everyone in class to succeed and will use all different types of teaching methods to help you understand. She speaks a good amount of english in class so you don't feel overwhelmed. She is really big on class participation and she takes your participation as if you did your work or not. She becomes a kind of grandma figure because she is always there for you when you need help. Don't go into the class thinking she is a push over though. She expects you to put in as much effort as she does. It is way better to be on her good side then her bad side.

Apr 2003

I took both her Elementary courses last year while I was a senior. She is an excellent instructor and you really come away knowing a great deal of Spanish. As mentioned in the previous reviews, be prepared to work hard. She expects her students to try and come to class prepared. She is willing to help you as long as she sees you are honestly trying to do well. It's been almost a year since I took Spanish and the other day while I was on the subway, I was able to read a great deal of Spanish from the "El Diario" of the person sitting next to me- that's how well Isabel taught me. I had had no exposure to Spanish before joining her class and received A's both semesters but I also worked hard. If you are really interested in learning Spanish, I highly recommend taking her class(es).

Apr 2002

Isabel is a very good teacher. I feel like I really learned alot of spanish in her class. She's also a very friendly person, and her classes are not boring. She's generally very nice and helpful, but if you don't do the work or pay attention, naturally it will tick her off. Her section is worth taking if you are at all interested in learning the language, instead of just getting rid of your requirement.