Perception Lab

Dec 2019

Ari is an earth angel. He doesn't want to be here anymore than you do, so he's not going to get on your case about anything. Very relaxed guy, explains the material very clearly and will go over it as much as possible, this is a VERY easy lab. When there was a death on campus, Ari extended our final reports several times, as well as encouraged us to defer the report if we needed to. Yes this is a boring lab, but you often get out early and it's not hard to get an A as long as you write the lab reports the way you're supposed to. one of the easiest labs I've ever taken.

Dec 2016

Danielle Sussan is one of the greatest lab instructors at Barnard College. Honestly, the perception course (not taught by her) is horrible so the lab was the only redeeming factor. The truth is that it is a very outdated lab and really needs some retouching but because of her approachability, excitement about the material and friendly disposition, the lab wasn't too bad at all. She wanted us all to get A's, made that really clear and actively tried to ensure that this happened. She is also extremely accommodating, something not often seen in lab instructors. Overall, not the best lab but one of the best instructors!

Jan 2015

Alison is the most unreasonable, unqualified, and actually kind of petty instructor I have ever had. She got hung up on such small details of APA style and she was never consistent. Her lectures were twice as long as they should have been because she talks way too much and takes these weird pauses between every two words.

Oct 2014

This is the first lab I have ever taken and while she does talk us through the majority of the steps, talks for way too long and gives us so many contradicting suggestions that nothing she says ever makes sense. She seems very willing to help with any questions you may have via e-mail and will even review your lab report drafts prior to the due date with very helpful criticism but seems to enjoy taking points off of you. She constantly contradicts herself and makes lab more challenging than it already is. Willing to help yet makes things unnecessarily more difficult. I absolutely hated this lab and the experiments were also very dry and uninteresting. If you can avoid this lab, do so.

Dec 2012

Wow, these reviews are incredibly cruel and unfair. I want to preface this by saying that I am neither a psychology major nor adept at any form of science. I took this class merely to fulfill the science requirement. I was pleasantly surprised by how well this class went. I thought professor Levine was very clear in her lectures, almost too clear sometimes. She always took time to explain concept and answer questions. Unlike another professor who substituted for her a few times. She also clearly made an effort to make the material seem interesting by bringing in a flutist, discussing her own research, and having us participate in fun activities in class. Yes, we were required to know more information than was discussed in class: this seems like a standard practice, the previous psych courses I took had the same format. The exams were challenging as they should be in a college setting. What compensated for this though was the generous curve. Grades in the 74 range, the class median, were curved to an A-. As for the lab, yes, it was long and drawn out, in my mind as all labs should be. But the experiments involving the mberry pill and the final experiment which we designed ourselves were quite interesting. For all the labs, instructions were clearly laid out. There were no surprises. I think Levine is a pretty good professor.

Dec 2012

She is a really bad professor and is very partial to students that she likes. Her class and lab are very boring and she takes off points for the stupidest reasons. I think she spends at least 30 minutes each lab with her TA to talk about how every word should be equally spaced and every page number and should be in the same font. This class is mind-numbing. I don't think she realizes that she's teaching a class full for college students and not elementary school. And please she needs to stop with stories about her dog.

Dec 2009

I had Professor Pardo for Perception psychology lab, and she was great. She substituted for the lecture one day and she was such a good lecturer, really clear and understandable. I wish I had taken the lecture with her as the professor. The lab booklet was GREAT, especially the appendix that gives the formatting. Also, Professor Pardo explained our assignments really clearly and gave a lot of guidance. Sometimes I felt her tone was kind of patronizing, and I wondered if she would have talked like that if there were men in the class. But still, even when sometimes it was a little too slow/easy, it was a welcome relief after the nightmare that was Professor Remez's lecture.

Apr 2003

AVOID THIS HEINOUS ***** AT ALL COSTS! I was honestly terrified to go to lab every week because of her. I can't tell you what an awful mistake it was to take this class because of this awful awful lady. Don't get me wrong, I did well in the class, I just feel forever traumatized by Taylor. You have no idea what you're supposed to do for the labs. Not to mention the fact that our section didn't even have a TA (because she couldn't get more than one insane psych major to work with her). Just terrible. One of my worst experiences of college. Maybe even life.

Jan 2003

I could not agree more with the previous review that talked about her annoying tendencies to never--ok, maybe once the entire semester--give back assignments or tell you what the heck you were supposed to be doing all semester. She sent us necessary information at THE last minute multiple times and would seem totally amazed that we didn't have as superior skills as she did in analyzing complicated ANOVA's it took her about a week to decipher...she also must've caught on to Remez's lovely linguistic tendencies that must have encouraged her to use the F word (in our last experiment she totally enjoyed volunteering profane words for the word list we used to test subjects with). All in all, ironically, the lecture, which was insanely hard, kind of saved my grade in this class because of her amazing ability to never hand back assignments and give no evaluation as to your progress. Psych majors, you probably can't get through the major without having her for lab, just know you're in for a long haul that should be worth way more than 1.5 credits due to the hours you might spend agonizing over exactly how to make the excel graph that meets her wacked out standards.

Dec 2002

I found this lab to be intensely frustrating. The experiments you do are simple and do reinforce what you've learned from the lectures and reading, but the administrator was disorganized. As other students have mentioned here, Taylor does not return work in a timely fashion. As a first-time lab student, I didn't know how to write a lab report, and it was frustrating that I kept getting "check minus" as a grade because Taylor didn't return any of my previous work so that I could see what I was doing wrong. I think we got three weeks' worth of lab reports back during the last session! She posted the data from our big experiment online later than she'd told us she would, but we were not granted an extension even though this was not our fault. Furthermore, she answered student e-mails and sent us new data 12 hours before the huge report was due! She also struck me as an impatient person who didn't understand why a student could possibly be confused by results, how to write lab reports, etc. She does make herself available in office hours, and I think she is a nice person at heart, but this lab was like one big mosquito bite that lasted all semester, if you smell my meaning.

Apr 2002

Wow - what a class! Loved the topic, loved the prof. Easier than expected until the final project. TAKE THE CLASS