Fem Texts I

Jan 2009

Prof. Ciolkowski is perhaps the best professor I ve had at Columbia Barnard thus far. She s energetic intelligent fair and supportive of all students. She makes the material interesting and her enthusiasm engages the entire class. Her ability to relate modern experiences to the material encourages students to arrive prepared and ready to participate.

Jan 2009

Many discussion classes descend into either chaos or rote repetition this one in contrast always felt like an intensely interesting conversation among friends. Prof. Ciolkowski encouraged everyone--especially devil s advocates--to speak but did a good job of keeping us on track and intellectually rigorous. She was responsive to our questions graded papers carefully and helped foster a sense of camaraderie among those enrolled. Easily my favorite class this semester.

Apr 2007

Laura wants to be liked (she even baked us brownies), but she was certainly not my favorite professor at Columbia. Honestly, her class has turned me off taking any more Women's Studies classes. In a mad dash to finish getting through too much material she often ran overtime and she basically wanted students to agree with her in class discussion. I don't want to be too harsh because she does make an effort but, apart from a few historically interesting (albeit heavy heavy!) readings, her class did not make me feel changed me for the better.

Nov 2006

I love prof. Ciolkowski. She's truly one of the best professors I've had at Columbia and I don't know why she sometimes gets a bad rap. She makes class discussions really interesting and she's not intimidating at all (esp. for people who are shy about talking in class -- she makes everyone want to contribute to class discussion!) In terms of paper writing, she's a strict grader but will give you an opportunity to revise your paper for a better grade. She encourages students to go to her office hours and if you bring your paper, she will tell you exactly what needs fixing. She's also a very nice person. I can't say enough good things about her.

May 2002

This class is all about relating/finding the basis of fem. in literature. Good to take if you care about where it all started, bad if you want to know about modern Fem (after 1960's), doesn't even touch on that. Kimmich is one of those teachers that seems to be looking for a specific response out of her students, she adores the students/robots that spit out Fem. rhetoric they've read in other classes and fails to value any independent thinkers. Her grading is unpredictable, A's for papers on topics she favors, B-'s for not setting up the paper the way she would have. Well you didn't write the paper, sh*t I did! She offers extra time on top of office hours but is cold and hard to talk too.