V1009 Introduction to Language and Culture

Apr 2017

PROS: Such a nice professor, who really goes out of her way to make a connection with her students, and constantly encourages you to go to her office hours just to say hello. Also a very reasonable grader, if not too much so. Our class was the first one she ever taught at Barnard, and she was sometimes a pushover when we complained about how things were graded. She gave us all extra credit on the midterm because she was convinced she made it too difficult! Probably won't happen again though. Prof. Green also makes sure people really understand the class readings and presents material in simple, easy to understand ways. CONS: The class material itself was a bit disjunct and messy at times. By the end of the class, I felt like I haven't gotten much more than knowing I had read a bunch of stuff without being able to piece overarching themes together. Discussions also tended to drag on for way too long, despite it being a lecture class. For example, we spend a whole three weeks talking about a single author because she for some reason couldn't quite explain to us the different between an "icon" and an "index," which in the end is not that difficult of a concept to grasp. I personally would not take one of her classes again, because I felt a little brain-dead during her lectures sometimes. But if you're not looking for a very rigorous anthro class, Prof. Green might be the way to go.

Dec 2010

The structure of the class was totally changed this semester, definitely for the better. The reviews under this one seem to be fair depictions of what I'd heard prior to taking the class, and I have to say, I was a little terrified going in to this semester. However, the class ended up being amazing. I have learned more in this class than in any other Intro Anthro class I've taken, and been exposed to theorists and modes of analysis that I'd never even heard of (I'm a junior majoring in Anthropology). The class was limited enrollment this semester, which allowed Professor Kockelman room to engage with the students frequently and lecture to a smaller class. He started off the class by warning everyone that some people would get Bs, and if they were scared of that, they shouldn't take it. After the first week, I found I was growing more and more comfortable with the classical linguistic analysts he exposed us to, and was able to recognize their work in contemporary articles he assigned too. He did a great job explaining the very difficult concepts and was always open to questions (however, it did take him a while to notice that hands were raised, sometimes). I have to say, the class was a really great experience: challenging and totally worth it. Professor Kockelman was seriously interested in what we had to say and made sure to engage with us more so than it seems he's done in the past.

May 2002

He is very friendly, always enthusiastic, and approachable. There is a LOT of reading--keep up! He loves student participation in class (unlike many profs). A great class overall! Lecture attendance is necessary to do well in the course, but the lectures are fun.