Renaissance--Figuring the Erotic

Sep 2002

I feel a clarification is in order to the previous review. I found her brilliance inspiring and her leniency refreshing - term paper topic choices were vast. Her office hours were of tremendous help in developing my own term paper topic - on a text we didn't even read in class. Basically rattled off the best list of resources I've ever encountered, and offered to call a colleague who specialized in the topic I chose. Additionally, She offered students an option to do projects over papers - a great option if you feel more confident in a medium other than the written word. Further, she provided a list of suggested topics (but such a list comes with high expectations attatched), because it relates in depth to the courses reading material - BE CREATIVE ... it's worthwhile.

May 2002

I would really like to say that i enjoyed professor prescott's class. certainly, i enjoyed the lectures themselves. in the end, however, i found her to be that most insidious variety of professor. throughout the term she is very loose with lectures, due dates, and paper topics, teaches virtually nothing, then at the end of the year she slams you with a paper and exam that expect you to know VAST amounts about stuff she barely even mentioned EXISTED. i found that she offered no direction whatsoever when tackling extremely long and dense texts. Note to Prof: nobody knows what to do with the ENTIRETY of the Faerie Queene when you just drop it in their laps. all in all, do not study with her unless you already have a fair grounding in her area (british renaissance, and by that i mean Spenser--she even glosses over the Bard somewhat), or plan on doing all reading, attending all lectures, and filling in all background by yourself.