Abnormal Psychology

May 2021

Professor Taylor is one of the best professors I have had. I would recommend taking any class you possibly can with her. She's an engaging lecture, very no bullshit, yet still caring and empathetic. I learned a lot in this class and really enjoyed the practical application aspects of it, like the diagnosis portions of tests. Overall, the tests were not very difficult if you pay attention in class and take some notes.

Apr 2021

I cannot recommend this course enough. Lecture-based classes like this one work for me. If you show up to every lecture and pay attention, you'll do just fine. Prof Taylor is PHENOMENAL. Like, seriously, such a badass. She's one of those profs who doesn't take people's shit, but is still very empathetic and clearly cares about her students. You can't miss the Fridays, we do a group diagnosis. Named my houseplant after her cat Milo, who she references in many of her example cases. I learned SO much in this class, easily the best college class I've taken yet. I'm very eager to take more classes with Taylor if I can!

Feb 2021

I absolutely loved Professor Taylor! I would highly, highly recommend this class. It is almost entirely lecture-based, which I was dreading at first. But Professor Taylor is so funny and interesting, and also she's just a genuinely soothing and empathetic person in general! This class was the first lecture-based virtual class that genuinely was captivating and entertaining. Professor Taylor's multiple cats are also a real highlight. I'd recommend this class to anyone and everyone--majors and non-majors alike!

May 2017

This class was very interesting and Professor Gupta did a great and thorough job of teaching it. She is clearly an expert in the field and gave a lot of personal insight into each of the disorders we studied, which made them much easier to understand. She puts a high emphasis on attending lectures; if you come to every class you will do much better on the exams because most of the questions come directly from the lecture. My only complaint is that she speaks very fast so it can be difficult to take notes. I started the semester taking written notes and had to switch to a computer. Overall, I thought she was a wonderful lecturer and really enjoyed this class!

Jan 2017

This was my favorite class I have ever taken so far at Barnard. PROFESSOR GUPTA IS A DELIGHT. She is so organized and timely and very knowledgeable about the material. This class expanded my knowledge on many many disorders and Professor Gupta's slides were concise and clear. She always encouraged questions and answered them honestly and to the best of her abilities. One of my favorite aspects of this class were the little anonymous anecdotes she would give about patients; it made the subject more relatable and was very interesting to hear. Another great thing she does is show video examples of people with a disorder which was a great tool to go back to help study for the exams and were very fascinating to watch. The workload was very light; all you have to do is come to class and pay attention to the lectures. The exam materials are almost entirely based on her lectures with only one or two questions from the textbook or articles. She even says herself that you can still get an A-/A on the exams without reading the textbook. Overall, if you're interested in learning about a range of psychological disorders this is the class for you; especially because it is taught by a current psychologist with many examples to give.

Jan 2017

I love Prof. Gupta - she is inspiring as a person and therapist as well as being a great teacher. she's very straightforward and clear whilst also being thorough and engaging. Her teaching style is very clean and structured which suited me really well - if you're looking for someone more philosophical and tangential, look elsewhere. Her course material is extremely interesting and she brings a lot of her personal experience with patients and anecdotal examples to help explain concepts better. 10/10 would recommend - she's brilliant.

Jan 2017

This class was by far one of my favorite classes taken at Columbia. The lectures were fascinating and Professor Gupta would always bring up examples from her own personal experience. There were three exams and Professor Gupta would give clear instructions on what to study in order to get an A. There were no surprises in this class and Professor Gupta made her self available by email or office hours to answer any questions. I enjoyed the class immensely and since the material was interesting, studying for the exams was not as much of a burden as it is for other classes!

Jan 2017

Professor Sumati Gupta is an exceptional professor. She clearly does other things besides teach this course, and so manages her time exceptionally well. She has power point slides for each lecture that give the basic subheadings that we need to know, and it is our duty to go to class and pay attention to what she says and take down notes. Her intention is for us to learn and absorb what she teaches, and most definitely not to trick us. If she confuses you and herself in the process of explaining a concept, she will make sure to not include it in the exam and let you know of her decision so you don't waste time studying it. In her exam review sessions, she will make whats going to be tested very clear- giving you a break up of how much each chapter constitutes the exam. Overall- A great class, she never took attendance but something about her and her teaching made you want to go each time, a guaranteed A if you study exactly what she asks you to study and a class I would definitely recommend!

Jan 2017

TAKE THIS CLASS (And any class with Professor Gupta)! Professor Gupta is an amazing teacher, presenting the course information in a clear and engaging way. She often supplements her lectures with real life examples that she has gathered from her patients in her practice in Tribeca. Professor Gupta is extremely clear in the expectations of the course and is understanding of her students. Her exams are thorough, can be tricky, but extremely fair. If you pay attention in class and do the textbook reading, you can excel in the course. One of the best qualities that Professor Gupta possesses is the way in which she makes herself accessible to students. She is always willing to help in office hours or out of class and responds to emails almost immediately. She will help a student understand material that may be confusing or just advise on the psychological field in general. Though she must certainly extremely busy with teaching and her clinical work, she puts her students as priority. If you are interested in psychology, want to fulfill a requirement, or just looking for a good class, Abnormal with Professor Gupta is the way to go.

Jan 2017

One of my favorite classes at Columbia. Prof Gupta is also a psychologist in Tribeca and brings a lot of her practice into the way she teaches. She's extremely clear and reasonable; she is always open to hearing students suggest the best ways of assessment. Gupta provides extra credit too! I really appreciated how at the end of the semester she thanked the class itself, emphasizing how we help her fulfill her career in a way her practice does not. She's just hella cool and calm, and I loved her teaching style (incorporating videos, stories, etc to explain disorders).

May 2016

Prof. McCaskill is truly lovely. She's extremely kind and approachable, and willing to help students. She offered everyone in the lecture the opportunity to come talk to her about their career aspirations. I took her up on this and she was very helpful. I took this class in the summer, which I recommend. I didn't find the class to be fascinating, but it was informative and not too difficult. I would caution those with a history of mental illness however to be prepared if planning on taking this class. I was warned that it could be triggering, and it certainly was for me.

Jun 2014

Professor Gupta is fantastic. She is not only passionate about the material she teaches, but also passionate about making sure she presents the material in an accessible and clear way. She is a part-time professor - she spends the rest of her time in private practice, meaning that she really understands what she is teaching about because she sees it firsthand. She is extremely considerate regarding her tests- they can be tricky but she does not want to trip you up. If there is a question that most of the class missed on an exam, she will most likely give everyone in the class credit for it because she feels that she didn't teach the material or ask the question in a clear enough way. She's also really great to talk to out of class!

Dec 2012

This is Gupta's first year teaching, and it is painfully obvious. Her lectures were pretty ordinary - there was nothing that could not have been learned by just reading the textbook. She often slipped up in her teaching or did not have answers for student questions. She did not seem confident at all in her teaching, although by the end of the semester she did seem a little more comfortable in this position. This class was nothing special and I don't recommend taking it if you are actually interested in abnormal psychology. Her grading was pretty annoying, there was no curve at all, so a few missed questions on each exam would leave you with a pretty bad grade for a super easy class. It seemed that this no curve situation was a result of a first-year teaching complex, because the grading was pretty ridiculous.

Dec 2012

This class was great! I'm so happy I didn't take it before Professor Gupta began teaching it. I read reviews for the previous professor and just knew I probably wasn't going to enjoy it, so I decided not to take it so soon and I'm glad I did. Professor Gupta is great. Not only are the exams very easy, she grades them back within 1 - 2 days and emails us as soon as the grades are posted. I got an A- in the class. Although the exams were easy, there were just a few tricky questions that kept me from getting that A...except on the final. I got an A but that might be because she threw out one of the questions and allowed multiple answers for others. See? Isn't she awesome?! She seems very nice and the fact that we all did so well on the first exam did not make her want to make the next two more difficult, unlike some professors. I hope she doesn't change - but if she does, at least I got her in her first semester here! Some people might think that the easiest classes are the "jokes" but not this one - I think the exams were easy because she is very straightforward. She doesn't want to trick anyone and it would be easy to do that with some of the material!

Apr 2012

Don't do it. Just say no. Easily the worst class I have taken at Barnard or Columbia. Yes, the material is interesting (even though if you've taken Intro you'll probably know most of it already). But she herself is infuriatingly unreasonable. It's like she's overcompensating for being young and relatively inexperienced--she takes everything way too seriously. This opinion was echoed by others I know who've taken the class. Disclaimer: I did receive a B- in this course so maybe you should take what I'm saying with a grain of salt. It isn't because I didn't know the material though--I got a 98 on the final. I just got an awful grade on the paper and literally have no idea why. I've written bad papers before, but that wasn't one of them.

Dec 2011

Professor Hoch is very sweet and she means well, but this woman cannot teach. I was most excited for Abnormal Psychology this semester, but it ended up being my most dreaded class. I didn't realize it was possible to make Abnormal Psychology boring. She literally just read off of her slides or recited the DSM-IV-TR to us. She also could not answer a single question, which was frustrating considering I am interested in going into clinical psychology and am very curious about a lot of the disorders we were learning about. Her clearest answer all semester was "Well, um, I don't know." We also got WAY behind and skipped a lot of material because she would take an endless amount of questions and comments. Professor Hoch does give study guides before each exam, and those are helpful, but that does not make my incredible frustration with this class disappear. If you want to take abnormal psychology, don't take it with Hoch.

Dec 2011

Please listen to me. Please, please, please don't take this class. I know you'll read past reviews and Hoch doesn't sound so terrible and you know you're a good student so you figure, "eh, how bad can it be? I mean three tests, all 50 multiple choice questions, all non cumulative, sign me up!" NO! DON'T! Do yourself a favor and no matter how tempting it is, avoid hitting that little button that would seal your fate and add one of the most mind numbing, ridiculous classes to your schedule. But now, enough of my ranting and raving and a little info on why you should actually NOT take this course! First point. While all the lectures are done on powerpoint and provided before class, they are all basically taken straight from the text. What isn't taken from the text is pretty nearly always unclear. No problem you say? I thought the same. Except if you think this will make studying easy, you are sorely mistaken. While Hoch seems to be fine regurgitating the textbook during lecture, her multiple choice tests will phrase said info in ways that are totally alien to you. In other words, study to your little hearts content, but come time for the exam and you will look at test that suddenly is asking you to work with the information in ways that you never have before. And one thing that I can say that was true for all students, whether or not they did fabulously on exams or horrendously, no one could accurately guess how they fared on the exams. As a matter of fact, it was pretty much a given that if you thought you did well, you did poorly and when you thought you bombed, you actually did okay. Second sticking point: All those who like to have conversations and actually ask the professor questions need not apply. Asking Hoch questions indefinitely sends her scrambling amongst her notes only to tell you she needs to get back to you. But rest assured, next class she will have added a slide to the ppt addressing questions from the previous class. Although you better hope that her answers don't raise any more questions because again, she'll have to get back to you. Then again you could try the more immediate hands on approach and actually go to her office hours. Now don't get me wrong, she is so sweet, and so nice and does amazing work, but when I went to go talk to her about an upcoming test she acted like a deer caught in the headlights. Or rather like I had hustled her into a corner of the Psych department at gun point and demanded that she hop on one leg while tapping her nose and singing the star spangled banner. A ridiculous analogy I know but trust me, it was no where near as ridiculous as the conversation I had with her. I had to ask her the same question 5 times before she actually managed to understand what my question was... Third sticking point: The discussion question on courseworks which she responds to before exams she gets back to incredibly infrequently... and then the day before the test, after not answering the questions posted over the weekend, she sends out an email saying she's answered the questions posted but will not be answering any more and that we should answer each other's questions on cw. Right, cause that's going to happen. So I'm done... proceed with caution and enter at your own risk. But if you value your brain and are looking to learn about abnormal psychology and not actually develop one of it's disorders I would look elsewhere for a class. All this said, she's very nice and I wish her all the best. She just has a lot of learning to do about how to teach... do you really want to have your effort reflect her inadequacy. Just think about it...

Dec 2011

Just like any of Professor Hoch's classes, this one is taught using PowerPoint slides. The material isn't difficult and her exams aren't hard, if you use her study guides. She gives a study guide before every exam, and nothing is on the exam that isn't on the study guide. The class tends to move slowly, but most people find that they can follow along and do other things on their computer and are fine. The material is interesting and provides an overview of various disorders in psychology, and is definitely an important class for anyone majoring in psychology or with a general interest in psychology.

Dec 2010

This is by far the most incompetent professor I've had in my college career. Humphrey misgraded every single test in the course and blamed the scan-tron when in reality she does not even provide the correct answers for her own questions. Not to mention the fact that the answer keys for her exams were also always incorrect. She is hostile and unresponsive to student emails and questions, refuses to tell the class how to prepare for exams and keeps changing exam dates even right before the exam is supposed to happen. Also, she came very late on every exam date and does not seem to care. Honestly, Humphrey is not fit to teach at any college or at any level. She gets defensive if you question her and will never admit she made a mistake. This course is a waste of time unless you want to be constantly frustrated. Take Abnormal with Monk at Columbia instead.

Dec 2010

This is the best psych class I've taken so far at Barnard! Professor Humphrey is an amazing professor! Her lectures are dynamic, and they cover some of the information from the textbook, but they also add to the text. She includes videos, and interesting case studies from her experiences working as a clinical psychologist at Harlem Hospital. She knows about the material, and is able to answer questions that go beyond what you have to know. The class covered 17 chapters, which is a lot, and the exams are not easy, but she offers extra credit opportunities. This semester, the extra credit assignment was to write a two page paper and present to the class on a journal article--for 5% added to the final grade! There was an also an optional lecture and if you attended it she added 2% to the final grade. If you're interested in the subject, or if you're a psych major, I would definitely recommend this class. It's at 5:40, which is annoying, but that's because she works at Harlem Hospital during the day, and her experiences there are a really positive contribution to the lectures! She also allows for discussion, in a class of 80, which is really interesting.

Jan 2010

This class was far too easy. Professor Humphrey is exceptionally nice and I greatly enjoyed hearing her recount personal stories from working in Harlem Hospital (although I highly doubt they are typical of your average psychologist/psychiatrist). However, there was little to nothing that I took away from this class that I hadn't known previously. And the only other class I've taken that covered abnormal psych was in high school. AP Psych. The book is weak and very redundant. Our use of the DSM was very superficial. I wish she would've covered more in depth into the neuropsychology of things. This class was easier than high school.

Jan 2010

I actually really enjoyed this class. Prof. Humphrey clearly doesn't have much classroom experience, but she tried really hard to keep the class interesting and unique. Though her Powerpoints were from the textbook, she livened them up with different role play exercises, surveys, interactive exercises and numerous examples from her own work at Harlem Hospital. All of these psych survey courses use Powerpoints straight from the textbook; luckily this Abnormal textbook was good, and Prof. Humphrey added other activities and discussions to make it more interesting. The midterm and final covered a lot of material, but she basically would tell you what you needed to study and what you didn't, so it wasn't too bad. For the case conceptualization paper, we had to analyze a character in any movie of our choosing which was really interesting; got to watch a movie and diagnose someone with a wasn't hard and was actually cool to write. Totally different than just writing some boring research paper on a disorder. Plus, you could earn 7 points of extra credit by reading two articles and giving a 5 min presentation on them--she added the 7 points to the paper grade. Best extra credit opportunity in any class I've been in, I can't believe everyone didn't taken advantage of it. She does take attendance and wasn't the most approachable professor I've had, but she was always available to answer questions and managed to make this class way more unique than other psych classes I've taken (which is a lot, as I'm a major). The only big problem I found in this class was the annoying people who felt the need to add their comments to everything--"my neighbor had such and such a disorder, I didn't actually know him but it was really stressful for me blah blah," "my best friend has this disorder, well maybe not exactly this disorder but something like it, it's so hard for me blah blah." She did a decent job at cutting people off when they weren't contributing anything substantial, thankfully.

Dec 2009

This teacher makes Abnormal Psych. so BORING and DENSE. Going to class is a waste of time, her Powerpoints are straight from the book and all she does is read them out loud. Although there was only one midterm it consisted of basically memorizing half the book (TOO MUCH). Professor Humphrey isn't meant to be in a class room, she tries too hard to be a stereotypical teacher and is strict with essay extensions and extra credit assignments. She takes attendance at every class which is ridiculous and expects students at this level to be able to fully diagnose and recommend treatment for a movie character. Her grading is harsh and the exams are overwhelming unless you are great at cramming or have photographic memory. Her review sessions (if any) are quick, random and useless The content of the class is So interesting it really is too bad that Humphrey was given the chance to teach it.

Dec 2009

This was not a bad class, but if you're a Psych major I would probably go with Professor Monk at Columbia if you can. Here's why... Professor Humphrey is a fairly young professor who I suspect doesn't have a lot of classroom experience. Though she knows her stuff up to a point, there were certain sections she was a little shaky on, and this was probably the first time she's taught this course. Of course this is a survey class, so no professor is ever going to be expert in every area covered, but a more experienced professor would have been more comfortable with more of the material. The lectures (and Powerpoints) were mostly taken straight from the textbook. So rather than augmenting the material from class, the text was the primary source for all the material. It seemed like a bit of a short-cut. I suspect Dr. Humphrey is a great clinician, but maybe less suited to lecturing. I should note that there was a lot of classroom discussion, which is good up to a point. The problem is, when most of the class has very little coursework in this field and probably no clinical experience, these conversations get bogged down in people's personal experiences of the guy next door who had schizophrenia. It didn't help me learn more about psychopathology. It would have been great if we had stayed more focused on what the literature has to say and less on people's personal opinions. That said, some people like a lot of discussion in class, but if you're there because you're planning a career in the field, you might feel like you could have learned a lot more in the semester. If you fall in the latter category you would probably find Dr. Monk's class more to the point and empirically driven. The coursework is quite manageable. There is one short paper in which you write a diagnosis for a movie character. The exams were multiple choice with a short essay (choice of three topics). Study from the textbook. All the questions were taken straight from the the book's teaching companion. Attendance was compulsory and roll was taken at every class.

Nov 2009

I love this professor! he has inspired me so much to be a clinical psychologist. i took intro to clin psych and abnormal psych with him and he was very easy to listen to. since ab psych is such a big class and it surveys a lot of info it was def not as interesting as intro to clin psych was. however, his passion and dedication to psychology really rubs off on you and the tests are very very fair. in intro to clin psych the class was very small and hard to get into...but the fact that it was small made it possible to have meaningful discussions. he would come into class and act out that he has a certain disorder and then we would have to figure out what it was. we also had to do an ADIS survey on someone for anxiety and write a 5-axes report on the person. i loved this bc i felt like he is the only prof who gave assignments that would be completely relevant in the field.

Jul 2009

Professor Hoch is a great professor and loves what she teaches. Not only does she care about the material, she cares about her students. Before the tests she is always available to answer questions. She tells her students to post questions on courseworks and answers them almost immediately. She is also great when it comes to responding to emails. She is a fantastic Professor!!

Apr 2009

This is a good class but not a great one. Prof. Rafaeli's lectures are clear, and you can print out the powerpoints afterwards if you want to. The material is interesting, sometimes fascinating, and even reading the textbook is not bad. I think my problem with it is that it is very much a survey class- you learn about a lot of different disorders but do not go very much in depth for any of them. I also already knew a lot of the information presented, partly from common knowledge and partly from personal interest. Rafaeli seems like a very nice guy, doesn't mind answering questions, and includes details from his work as a therapist.

Feb 2008

I have been in this class for only four weeks now, but I already regret enrolling. She is a sweet woman, there's no doubt, but a completely incompetent professor. She appears to know nothing about the field of psychology outside of her work with autistic children. For example, she couldn't explain different types of brain scans we learn in Psych 101. The class is painfully slow and taught at a middle school level. We have not even begun to look at disorders yet. I am only writing such a harsh review because I wish I had seen one before taking the class.

Sep 2007

Professor Cina is great. Granted the class seemed to drag occasionally, mostly due the early morning time of the class, but the subject matter is so interesting, it's almost hard to not pay attention! And Professor Cina has the greatest accent, (she was born in Scotland and grew up in Israel), which makes the class even more fun. She always made herself available outside of class and is so nice and willing to talk about anything.

Dec 2006

I didn't think it was possible to make this subject matter dull. There is really no need to show up for class once you've secured your place - she puts her slideshows on Courseworks, and she adds little to the slides during class. She follows the chapters in the book pretty well, and the slides she posts pretty much tell you what you need to know for the tests. Professor Cina is sweet but teaches the material pretty matter-of-factly, rarely adding stories or examples. This class is an easy A.

Jun 2006

A must take for anyone interested in clinical psychology! Yes, his lectures can be a little slow at 9 am and they're pretty much powerpoint based, but he often talks about cases from his clinical experience that are really interesting. A great guy, great prof.

Apr 2006

Prof. Rafaeli is a phenomenal professor. He is not the best public speaker, but he makes up for it with a passion for the material. He genuinely wants you to understand the material. He will throw in role plays to get you to fully explore all aspects of abnormal psych. He teaches you how to approach diagnosis, how to ask questions, and how to differentiate one disorder from the other in very memorable ways. If you go to lecture, you will do fine on the exams. He makes things memorable. He throws in questions from the text just to make sure you read along, but what professor doesn't? He is completely receptive to all questions/comments. He is such a nice guy, you can go to him for anything, and he is more than happy to accomodate. All in all, he is amazing, and I loved this class! I will definately take another class with him!

Apr 2006

I originally took this class because I heard amazing things, but I have been terribly disappointed thus far. The information is very interesting but Professor Monk just rehashes what the book says over and over again with a tremendous overemphasis on psychoanalysis, making it difficult to understand all of the types of therapy and treatment options. She is not the worst in the psych dept, but most certainly does not deserve the glowing reviews she has been given. I am not saying that people should not take this class, I am just saying be forewarned that it is not the sunshine and rainbows that everyone thinks.

Apr 2006

As a psych major who is adept at multiple-choice tests... I adored this class. Mainly because I did not attend it. He posts all lecture notes online and if you read the textbook with lecture notes in hand before the test, it is all very straightforward. Not to mention the "extra credit" assignments that can boost every test grade, so that the max is always 107-8. Awesome. If this class were not consistently at 9am students probably wouldn't skip it as much. But as it is, it doesn't really matter because attending class is not at all a predictor of your final grade if you are capable of teaching yourself in any way.

Jan 2006

A lot of reviewers said that Rafaeli's tests focus on the minute details of the textbook. I found that he just focuses on different material than the textbook. If you go to class, understand his lectures and virtually memorize his power point slides you will do fine. Maybe this will help some people study next semester.

Dec 2005

this class will make you work hard because his exams tend to cover small details from the book. however attendance is not required and lecture notes are posted online, which is good because you may get more out of not going to class and reading the book than going to his lectures. it's pretty clear that rafaeli is a smart man. he's also very funny and makes a few jokes to keep everyone awake - since his class starts at 9am. however half the times i went to class i was either bored or asleep... but i ended up getting an A in this course. if you want a stimulating class with an inspiring professor, this is probably not the class to take. however if you're interested in the subject and don't mind memorizing everything in the book - then take it. he's a nice man. gives lots of extra credit

Jan 2005

I agree with the last review except about remembering minute details. The course does not require that you attend each lecture in order to get an A. However, you do therefore need to know the book like the back of your hand.

Jan 2005

I honestly don't know why other reviewers thought this class was bad. If you read the textbook - which I found very interesting - you'll do fine. I skipped class more than half the time, but I studied hard from the book and got an A. So if you find his lectures boring, then frankly, don't go. Read the book, take notes, maybe read the powerpoint slides (which I found not really necessary, but I guess they tell you what to focus on for the exams), and you'll do great because the material of the course is definitely engaging. Also, I disagree with the other review that says he asks for minute details on the exam - yes, you have to be able to tell the difference between different personality disorders and whatnot, but there are no tricky questions or anything difficult - he's nice enough to not even ask about medications.

Jan 2005

The content is somewhat interesting. The class however, is VERY boring. The structure of the class is one that allows for a lot of flexibility- he offers extra credit and you can drop one of the exams (not the final). The class is easy, the difficulty lies in maintaining the motivation to attend the class and do the work- The lectures and seemingly endless powerpoints are VERY BORING.

Dec 2004

This class was ONE OF THE BEST CLASSES Ive taken in college! Professor Rafaeli is incredibly knowledgeable, down to earth, available to help and a great lecturer. The important notes are on slides you can print out from courseworks before class. Rafaeli is able to hold discussions in a 70-person lecture hall, and draws on a great combination of his research and clinical background when lecturing and answering questions. The information itself is really interesting. Definitely a must-take for anyone remotely interested in psychology- dont let the early time deter you.

Dec 2004

The previous review is absolutely ridiculous. I took Abnormal this semester and the class was completely manageable. Admittedly, it was not the most exciting class in the world, but the material was very interesting. The professor is extremely nice and very understanding in terms of giving credit for wrong answers if you explain yourself. About the workload being "ridiculously intense," that is BS, people need to grow up. The workload was not THAT bad, but yes you have to actually put a couple of hours in.

Dec 2004

This Professor sucked! His classes were boring to the extent that they became painful. He gives slides with his lectures which only serve to confuse you. This is one of the worse classes I have ever taken at Barnard. The workload is ridiculously intense. Hours of reading each week, that take up too much freaking time!

Nov 2004

liked the class.. hes a really nice guy and an interesting teacher. uses powerpoint and posts everything on courseworks.

Sep 2004

I took this course with two friends, and we all agreed that, despite the 9 am start time, it was one of the best we've taken at Columbia. Professor Monk is a very clear lecturer with passionate opinions about how disorders should be viewed. The material is fascinating, and the textbook/powerpoints are great, too. Some guest lecturers are better than others. If the subjects intrigues you, definitely take this course.

May 2004

Don't be fooled by Prof. Rafaeli's nice and humorous demeanor the first few soon as drop add period ends, he becomes an entirely different person! He is liable to make fun of you in class for the most insignificant indiscretions, and treat you like an idiot if you don't completely understand what he's talking about. The first day of class he announces that he is a nervous public speaker...this is a serious UNDERSTATEMENT!!! He mumbles through each lecture under his breath and flies through his slides with unimaginable speed. He is the most boring professor I have ever had, which is a total shame because abnormal psych is a fascinating subject. He seemed to have one or two "cult" followers in the class that doted on his every word...don't be fooled, this class is not worth waking up at 8am and wasting money on a coffee to stay is a futile effort. BEWARE!!!!

Jan 2004

She is a really good professor. She likes what she is teaching, and teaches the subject pretty clearly. You don't really have to go to class because you can read it in the book which is pretty clear, but the notes are what she mostly tests on and its a good idea to go even though its early in the morning. She gives out papers during the classes, but i never read them and it wasnt a problem at all...

Dec 2003

I loved this class! Despite the early time slot going to this class was always a pleasure. Wallisever makes the class entertaining, giving examples from her patients, and leaving the class very open for discussion. Going to a psych institute for the 6-8 page paper is a great experience, followed by an easy paper write up that is designed to help boost your average in the class. I highly recommend that all psych majors (and people who are not psych majors) take this class to get a strong grasp on psychological disorders that get discussed all the time.

Nov 2003

Don't take a class with her. I did not like her at all. She teaches from a Freudian perspective and has an "anal" personality. Walisever is a stickler and her grading can be harsh. I P/D/F-ed the class.

Sep 2003

It's strange--this class was one of the best I've taken at Columbia, yet I got the worst grade in 3 years!!! The other reviewers and Dr. Monk herself addressed the issue of arbitrary grading, but that doesn't change my complete disillusion with psychology as a science. There are no right or wrong answers! The grades do not reflect your knowledge or understanding or even ability to answer. Even though the class itself was very interesting and I have only nice things to say about Dr. Monk, I don't recommend it to anyone (unless you take it pass/fail). I just can't overlook the awful grade I got in a class I should have done well in.

Jun 2003

What is truly shocking about Dr.Monk is that she actually seems to enjoy teaching. For those of us who have witnessed psych dept professors counting down the minutes until class is over so that they can conduct their research this class is truly a breath of fresh air. Monk's passion for the subject matter and her ability to weave the textbook, research articles and real-life clinical expereience into her lectures is genuine and intellectually minded. Even if it is at the ridiculous hour of 9 am. Dr. Monk is one of the few Columbia Professors with clinical AND research experience and for those of us that are unsure which, if any, psychology path to follow this class is a must.

Jun 2003

Truly one of the most amazing professor's here. The nicest most accomidating person, with a world of knowledge in many fields of psychology and beyond. The class was fun and interesting and he was mosly concerned with the students learning and having a good time than the usual class politics. Unfortunately, I don't think he will be teaching this class again, but I recommend coming in contact with this man if possible; he teaches Gateway for SEAS

May 2003

The interesting subject matter was the only reason I stuck with Abnormal Psychology. If you are not passionate about what you learn in this class, don't bother taking it, because it is extremely unlikely that you will get a good grade, even if you study very hard. The tests, made up of long essays, are graded in a highly arbitrary fashion in large part by the TAs, who happened to be horrendous this past semester. You may have a perfect understanding of the coursework and still get Cs on the exams; the criteria of what constitutes a "good essay" seemed to change from test to test, and while the TAs paid lip service to the importance of understanding broad themes and concepts, they nitpicked and found fault in the slightest details.

Jan 2003

Prof. Downey teaches interesting material and can keep a class awake for the most part. Yes, classes can get boring, and off-topic discussions often end up taking up most of the class time. Regardless, you're still responsible for the material never actually covered during her lectures. The book is definitley not bad if you're looking to learn about psychological abnormalities, but 10 pages of material could definitely have been narrowed down to 2; there is way too much unnecessary detail that you are still responsible for.

Jan 2003

He is definitely the most compassionate and considerate professor ever. He is very passionate about psych and loves teaching and students. He wants everyone to do well and will tailor the course to student preferences as much as he can. He has guest speakers and puts his lectures on power point slides which he hands out at class so it's ok to miss a lecture now and then. The material is very interesting and he always makes himself available to students.

Jan 2003

Jack is the kindest, most caring, interesting professor EVER. He is a practicing therapist and taught most of the class by sharing illustrative stories about the topic we were covering. The textbook was very interesting. He was ALWAYS available outside of class over email or for individual meetings. He truly cared about how the students enjoyed the course and was willing to tailor it to students' preferences. He got to know each and every student. This class was the only one I have ever felt sad that it was over. DO NOT MISS THIS PROFESSOR!!

Aug 2002

I have to say I beg to differ. I very much enjoyed Prof. Klein's class. Though the master text is dry and long and quite overwhelming, the lectures were interesting and interactive (so much as you could get for a 60-student class). She often told personal anecdotes, and centered the topic of discussion around what seemed to interest the class most. The only thing was, we never really were able to cover everything listed on the syllabus during lectures --though come exam time she would map out for you what you needed to know, and which sections of the text you should review that we didn't cover. Prof. Klein also happens to be a very nice lady, and quite accomodating to her students. It just bothered me the class began at 9:10 AM promptly, when students are not at their fullest intellectual capacity.

May 2002

I completely agree with the other reviewer, don't take this class. She's a really nice woman, and she's great as a person, but still not worth it. The textbook was hell to read through, and most of the stuff was what you already know from life in general. But that doesn't mean that the tests are easy -- they're not. The multiple choice was really tricky, and there seemed like there could be more than one answer, and there was no curve. It wasn't my style, and it just wasn't worth it.

May 2002

I strongly suggest that you avoid this class, at least with this professor. I felt that I didn't benefit from her lectures. It's hard enough when it's a 9 a.m. class, but it gets worse when Prof. Klein is moody or when her test questions are unfair. I felt that her multiple choice questions were particularly tricky-it often seemed that there were at least 2 right answers. She doesn't use the textbook often to guide the test material, and instead sometimes focuses solely on one topic instead of the many discussed in class. Also, I felt that she emphasized the models of psych throughout the course. While that's fine, she didn't really go into depth about any disorders. She could sometimes be helpful, but overall, I left this class wishing that I didn't take it.

Jan 2002

Professor Walisever may seem a little intimidating face to face but as a lecturer, she's a real delight. She really knows her material and even though the class was at 9 am, she made it fun and interesting because of her funny personal stories from her own experience as a Psychology student as well as from her practice. The reading and the lectures overlap nicely, but be warned that her exams are hard and often nitpicky. They often cover material from the book that was never directly covered in lecture, so one should do the reading, but don't worry because it's not much. Going to class is fun too because she does impressions of patients with presenting complaints and is very generous in her timing for questions and discussions.

Jan 2000

Though she is straight foward and takes everything you need to know from the second-grade textbook complete with glossy photos, she has amusing anecdotes about her own practice that will entertain you when you elect to attend class. The paper is written about a visit to a mental institution, and is really interesting. In the end, Walisever is a nice person, if not a dynamic prof.