STAT W1001

May 2011

Don't take this class. I know, I know, there's no calculus, it's easy blah blah blah but don't take it. If you decide to take it because (like me) you need to fulfill that stat requirement you've been putting off, or it's the only class that fits into your schedule, be prepared for: > half the semester to be wasted explaining concepts such as "mean," "median," and "mode" which you probably learned in elementary school, and definitely needed to get a high enough score on the SAT to get into Columbia (on a side note, people in my class who didn't know these things: HOW DID YOU GET IN? and how can I sign my kids up for it in the future. Give a girl a hand here.) > the second half of the semester to be devoted to everything else in statistics that you may NOT have known, crammed all together > a book which refuses to give you formulas and equations, instead offering ambiguous prose definitions which don't actually help you when faced with solving a problem. > more writing (hw, projects) than I've done in 70% of the lit seminars I've taken > a teacher who acts as if this class is the only one you're taking and dUH the most important one. this being said, the homework is relatively easy, the midterm was easy (although, maybe I'm an idealist, but I thought a math class wouldn't require filling two blue books with straight writing)

May 2002

I'm not sure why so many people are slamming Prof. de la Pena!!!! He is a sweet man who loves his subject and especially teaching it. His accent is barely an issue - you won't notice it after a while. He will repeat everything as many times as necessary for you to understand, and he'll meet with you after class. He explains things really well, too. Prof. de la Pena is a great guy, and it's just that this class is the easiest Stat out there, and it must be really hard to teach such a horribly simplified version of such a complex subject. A warning to anyone taking this class: It is sooooo dumbed down. If you know any higher math at all (like, precalc or early calc) you will rip your hair out with frustration at the pace. And it is not de la Pena who sets the pace - it is the students. In short, if you are horrible at math, a non-science talented student, or if you are a purely humanities major who hates any kind of science, take this class. If not, you will be hating yourself the whole term while hearing people reviewing the formula for a line. Seriously.