FYS: The Idea of Justice

Jun 2002

The title of this course makes me laugh because I can't express how exasperating Prof. Gill is-her teaching style and her comments are extremely unjust to students. While she demands much from her students, it is obvious that she is unprepared and disorganized with planning her classes. Our syllabus continuously changed and we only received 2 papers back (out of 4). She doesn't define her standards for grading and this ambiguity makes it impossible to get a sense for how you're doing in her class. I think she's a great teacher with respect to leading discussion and exploring controversial issues, but I often felt that she overstepped boundaries as a teacher. Prof. Gill quickly made assumptions and judged many of us because we asked for our papers and we wanted to know about grading standards. She can be a difficult person to talk to at times because she thinks she knows everything. The plus side is a good reading list, but I hope that you can avoid this class and her in general (she also teaching Philosophy of Education) if possible.