Introduction to Computers

Dec 2011

Michael was the only reason I got through this class in one piece. He was always more than willing to sit down and help me with the assignments. He was also super-responsive whenever I emailed him with questions. He took the time to explain concepts to me and always did so with a smile-- he never made me feel stupid for not understanding the material and was incredibly patient with me when he sometimes had to explain things to me more than a few times. He is basically the sweetest person ever and the best TA I've ever had!!

Nov 2009

Adam Cannon is wonderful. Funny, nice, knowledgeable, good at explaining things, basically everything you want a teacher to be. The Intro to Computers class (now renamed Intro to Information Science) is basically an overview for people who want to know a bit about computers but aren't going to major in Comp Sci, but I love this class so much that I've decided to start a Comp Sci minor. The class is not quite a walk in the park; there is some serious work involved, but it's nowhere near unreasonable and always rewarding (see below). If you're looking for a fun, useful, not-too-tough class to fill out your schedule with, this is a great option.

Jun 2009

he is a really nice prof. He was also very into his stuff. At times I felt that he went on for a bit about privacy issues but even when he did it was still interesting. The workload isnt a lot really. Except the problem sets get a bit ridic. I would suggest reaching out to him well in advance with questions about it. He is really helpful.

May 2009

great class! A.C. is funny, likable, knows his stuff, and presents information in a way that makes a relatively intimidating topic (for non science people) feel like fun. I would highly recommend this class for anyone, especially those who have little or no experience in compsci and are interested in a light challenge. the first half of the class covers things like databases, networks, computer architecture and organization (how computers actually work), and basic HTML. After the midterm, the class got more challenging, but not too much so... an introduction to programming in the language PYTHON. i found this to be really fun although it can be rather frustrating. fulfills the columbia college science requirement even though it isn't on the list!

Jan 2009

This class was so great. Adam is really thorough with his explanation and will always stop to make sure that people are following. We got bi-weekly assignments that tested our knowledge of the reading and during the last few weeks we had to make some programs using python. Honestly, if you want to try computer science but are worried that its going to be hard, this course should change your mind. If you need any help, go to the TA's office hours and they basically take you through everything step by step. They're really helpful with checking homework and making sure you're on the right track.

Dec 2003

This class was a major disappointment. I took a years worth of psychology in high school and after reading reviews about this class i figured it wouldn't be that bad. Boy was I wrong. Galanter is a very boring lecturer and his tests are extremely unfair actually impossible. I have no idea how some people managed to score 105 on them. I did a fair amount of reading and attended almost all the lectures but once it came time to take the test I was lost. I knew everything there was to know about classical conditioning but I couldn't answer the questions on the test about it. This class is definately not an easy A or B. I highly suggest not taking it.

Dec 2002

When I first went to Galanter's class I thought he would drop dead every class. I went to every class until the first test got a B-, then didn't go to a single class, got a C- on the second test, and was able to get an A on the third test. I don't know how, but I got an A- in the class. You may think you're having a hard time, but it's so easy, and you don't have to go to the classes unless you want to see a hilarious old man. I have a long list of Galanter quotes, go to at least a few of the classes so you can hear crazy ravings of an old man. Just suck it up, don't miss any test and walk away with your A or B.

Jun 2002

His teaching style opened a subject that I never imagined myself being interested in. I highly recommend him as an instructor. One caveat is don't let him convince you that the tests will be easy. Do the reading!

May 2002

Prof Cannon is one of the rare teachers who truly wants to involve the students in the class. This class is taugh purely for us non-science people in the college. While it does not fulfill any requirement, Prof Cannon does all he can to get you involved in the class and interested in computers and computer-science in general. His light attitude and wonderful sense of humor makes the class fun and very enjoyable. Prof. Cannon is also incredibly accessible, responding incredibly quickly to e-mails and doing all he can to ensure that every student of his enjoys the class. While some parts of various lectures are rather boring, Prof Cannon always tries to lighten the mood by telling a few, jokes, making fun of himself, or just going onto a more interesting topic when he notices students starting to drift off. The class covers everything from a history of computer science, to a very little bit of programming. A great class for someone who thinks s/he might want to do Comp-Sci but doesn't know what it really is. This class was one of the best I have taken here at Columbia. Prof. Cannon is definitely one to look for.

Feb 2002

His teaching is reasonable, but made fun by his jokes regarding we, the not-science-inclined humanities students. He's young, and definitely played soccer in high school. You feel sorry for him because somehow you have to worry about a teacher whose mother calls him during class (yes, this happened), and who lives (alone?) with a cat named Mickey Mouse (yes, that is his cat's name). If you email him with questions and concerns, he writes back promptly. I feel that he tries to relate to students almost too much, however, since he basically tells us we don't have to show up for lectures and that it's okay to fall asleep. Of course he asked for it, right? Many of us take these two aforementioned suggestions regarding physical and mental non-attendance to heart. Fun on the days I made it to class.