College Composition I

Sep 2002

Aaron is probably the best instructor I've ever had. Man was he tough on my writing! But he helped me more than I could have ever imagined. He is a walking encyclopedia of the English Language. He made the class fun and interesting, and he is an unbelievably kind and sincere human being. He allows two re-writes of your worst papers, but he expects a measureable improvement.

Jul 2002

I learned a lot from Karin. When I visited her at her office hours, she was always available and willing to explain all corrections, thoughts, and suggestions on my papers. If you are willing to participate and work, you should do well in her class.

Apr 2002

At the end of classes I just wanted to give her a hug! She brought wonderful articles to class for us to read and discuss and was very inspiring as well. Her assignments were great, you had to work ofcourse, but she always gave us topics that one could not help but be passionate about. She also only brought examples of our work that was remarkably good to look at rather than things to criticize. She tricked us into being good writers rather than scaring us. She was funny, personable, and still keeps in touch with several of us from my class. I can't wait for her novel to be published, if it is as great as her personality, it will be a best seller.

Mar 2002

Unless you are a professional brown-noser or ego-stroker, do not think you can get a fair grade from this woman. I honestly don't know how she is still teaching. I wish someone had warned me about her when I took her class freshman year - she's absolutely horrid. Once seen grading papers on Low steps about 5 min. before class. I think almost everyone in my class complained to the dept. about her, but somehow she's still around, so watch out.

Dec 2001

The very idea that this graduate student would EVER be considered for a permanent position at Columbia is too horrifying to contemplate. She is a terrible teacher on every level. She is hostile to questions, condescending, arrogant (believe me, without reason), tolerates no opinion but her own (which, obviously, she believes is always and absolutely correct), gives conflicting definitions/explanations, and spends more time trying to impress you with her "knowledge" than making any effort to increase yours. This review is coming from someone who did well in her class, so it's not about "sour grapes." By any and all means DO NOT waste your time or desire to learn (not to mention money), by taking any class given by Jeannie Im.

Dec 2001

RUN LIKE HELL to the registrar, phone system, or web registration if her name appears on your schedule. She is cold, harsh and devoid of all creativity. You will not have the opportunity to improve your writing (or anything else for that matter) with her as your teacher. I guarantee that you will be frustrated. I guarantee that you will be unhappy. I guarantee that you will not get a decent grade. Please, for me, do not do this to yourself. With a whole University like Columbia out there, you have better options. The condescending nature of this graduate student will be enough to make your blood boil and there is no sense in sitting through a whole semester with a woman who feels the need to prove her intelligence at every turn. It is pointless to disagree with her in any class "discussions" because she is always right and clearly, that makes her smarter than you. You deserve better for your money, time, and efforts. This is an important class for the Columbia core; do not blow it with Jeannie Im. Now, go in peace to change your registration.

Aug 2001

Forbes has a very relaxed classroom atmosphere, which takes away the stress of doing so much writing. You won't like her class overall while you're there, but you'll miss her when you get to Comp 2.