Lit. & Cult. Theory East & West

Aug 2002

Just to supplement the last review: Prof Shirane's specialization is premodern Japanese literature (poetry in particular, I believe). Therefore he is not the best person to take that class with if you want to study (Western) theory, not at all because of his lack of knowledge and more because of his general lack of interest in that subject. You may find Prof Shirane as apathetic about, say, Derrida, as you are, and that one token lecture (or perhaps not even a whole lecture) on Deconstruction may seem as much an obligation for him as for you. (If you are an EALAC major, you don't have a choice unless you have the foresight to ***CONSULT CULPA*** and take it with David Wang.) To be fair, though, Prof Shirane is very nice and approachable, very dedicated to his students, not to mention brilliant in his own regard--I am sure you will learn a lot from him. But if you serious about theory, do the logical thing: walk over to Philosophy and check out the English department offerings.