First-year Chinese

May 2018

Wang Lao Shi is amazing, she is such a wonderful teacher and a wonderful person. The class is a blast and really fun to be in. Chinese is a lot of work, but Wang Lao Shi makes it super fun. She is an amazing person and a great professor.

Apr 2018

GIVE HU LAOSHI THE GOLD NUGGET SHE DESERVES Literally this woman was the light of my life for both semesters I had her. She expects you to do what you're supposed to, and she definitely got annoyed if people didn't participate, but she makes it so easy to want to do well in this class. She's so cool and really prioritizes giving you a full idea of Chinese life and culture as well as the language. She's also really good at distinguishing between more colloquial and more formal speech and goes into the background of words and characters, so everything makes a little more sense. Of course, the class is intense, but all Chinese classes at Columbia are intense. If you put in the time and listen to everything Laoshi says it's not hard to do well. Also she's the sweetest and funniest and her comments and opinions are so important to me.

Sep 2003

meng laoshi is undoubtedly a good teacher in techincal terms. HOWEVER, in my opinion she tends to bring personal frustrations into the classroom, embodied in nasty remarks on various issues, and general antipathy . when you are not liked by her, she shows it to you in more than one way.

Aug 2002

Hands-down one of the nicest professors I have had at Columbia. The Chinese department seems to prescribe the way classes are run, and I found it repetitive and tedious. Li, however, manages to make the format almost fun, and she has some interesting and amusing stories that spice up her classes. I definitely recommend her.