Social Psychology Lab

Apr 2013

As a person who was TERRIFIED of taking a lab course, I can say that I am pretty glad I took this class because I didn't have to immerse myself in the discipline to do well. That being said, in order to do well we had to do an extraordinary amount of busy work, which was my main problem. Davis has all of these stupid specifications about powerpoint slides and shit that we're expected to follow which kind of defeats the purpose of being a college student if you ask me. I feel like he'd give seniors in high school a notebook check quiz. Anyway, my first impression of him was that he was really nice, which is true-- he's just also weirdly attention-seeking and annoying. The epithet "well-intentioned" appears a lot in these reviews; I guess I'd second that. Whatever. Take this class for the lab requirement I guess, but be prepared to fall asleep during some of the most boring-ass 3 hour lectures EVER, be sure to ask him questions DURING CLASS BECAUSE HE TAKES 19088Q97W DAYS to answer his emails, and don't work with a group of people who you know will be unreliable, because you have all of this pointless shit due each week that takes a few hours to do.

Sep 2011

Professor Davis is awesome. He is so nice, cute, friendly, and approachable. He is one of the most enjoyable professors that you could spend an otherwise wasteful weekly 3 hours. He really wants his students to succeed in conducting their own research. He is extremely supportive and reachable, and the fact that he is a rather attractive 30-something from Brooklyn only adds to the joy of this lab. Of the three labs in group "C" (all of which are taught by Davis) social psych is the most interesting. And Davis is just really, really cool.

Jun 2010

Jasia is one of the worst professors I have ever had at Barnard. Not only is she arrogant and condescending, she does not care about her students and shows no interest in making lab interesting in anyway or even a beneficial learning experience. Basically, she makes powerpoints and reads word-for-word off of them and then occasionally asks broad questions to attempt to engage in the class. However, everyone is already so angry and bored that no one responds, which just results in silence making the class dynamics even more awkward and uncomfortable. Lab with her is a complete waste of three hours every week. You should find another instructor, especially as lab courses generally help to raise your psych grade but if you end up with Jasia, you will have to make up for her harsh grading in the lecture component while also being forced to listen to her patronizing tone every week. Was a really bad experience that you should try to avoid!!

Sep 2009

I agree with the first reviewer. Josh Davis was one of the worst professors I've ever had, mostly due to his unclear assignments and tendency to fill up the three hour lab period with irrelevant talk and tasks. While he is nice and I assume well-intentioned, that doesn't make up for the fact that I never had a very clear idea of what was expected of me, and for a course worth only 1.5 points, there was a lot of work, mostly consisting of figuring out how to write a psychology lab report through the hand outs he gives you, since in class he does a very poor job of explaining anything. While it was not an especially difficult course, I found it frustrating and uninteresting, which is a shame because the social psych lecture with Prof Stroessner was pretty enjoyable.

Sep 2002

Has no patience for first-years who don't know statistics and have never taken a psych lab before. Favors the upperclassmen and won't pay attention to you otherwise. Sessions were incredibly boring; she'd write out for you on the board exactly how to write your lab down to the wording, so you really wouldn't be learning anything (like WHY)but how to copy. And she (er, that is, the TA) would still take off points for things that were "wrong" -- and she wasn't consistent at all. "APA style" said to do things one way; she'd say another; you do it her way and you still get points taken off. And Subramanian RUINED our final experiment because she told us to approach it all wrong.... my lab group and I found ourselves coming up with and slapping together a completely different experiment at the last minute to make up for her huge blunder!!! I dreaded Monday afternoons that semester -- the only thing that made it tolerable was that there were several other students in that class who felt exactly the same way I did.

Aug 2002

Could have been a great class- material was very interesting and so was instructor but the Lab instrcutor was the biggest waste of time. First of all, you cant ask a question adn expect her to remember where she was in her lecture- so she cant answer questions. She has to read from her notes even though she says teh stupidest things that require no notes. She doesnt teach you anything. She will just give you a hard time for no reason. Her jealous TA's do all the work and when you ask her something she says ask the TA. When you have a problem she says tell the TA. It is like her only job is to read from the paper in her hand and nothing more. The TA's of course dont know how to teach or grade and are just students. They have less experience in psychology then the psycology majors in the class. The TA's dont have to be psychology majors. This prof.'s TA did not care about the stidents and its a shame becasue neither did Sujatha Sivramania. I felt like the psch majors in the class could better teach the lab then her. Anyway you are paying 7000 dollars for her TA who knows nothing about the subject to teach you. The least someone should do is give Sujatha another position that doesnt involve teaching.