Majors' Colloquium

Sep 2002

I was in the same section of the majors' colloquium as the B- student. It was overcrowded, but Prof. Kiaer did explain to all of us that the reason for the overcrowding was lack of faculty, even though she wanted to, she could not teach a smaller section. Everyone in there absolutely had to take the course or risk not graduating, or gradutating with a concentration. That semester was the last time there was only one section if the seminar. The department now always runs two sections a semester. Anyway, Prof Kiaer did a very good job in fostering discussion in that difficult atmosphere, she can vey tactfully turn incredible stupid comments into something constructive. The discussions were livelier than in some tiny classes ive taken, so I find the previous reviewer's complaint invalid. As for the courseload, I did some, but not all of the readings, handed in an average paper and one I actually put some effort in and received an A. This was not an easy class, but it wasn't difficult either. As for Prof. Kiaer herself, she's one of the best teachers I've ever had. Actually she's probably the best, hands down. No competion. I would take a class with her again if she taught at 7AM on the roof of Schemerhorn in a space not protected from the elements in February. She's brilliant, her lectures are inspiring, I never missed a class (even when I risked the discovery that I did not do the readings, or when I should have been doing a paper due that afternoon). She's very proffessional, which many people read as intimidating. Ok, so she lacks a cutesy kindergaten teacher demeanor, but so do most of our proffessors, and she is really receptive and helpful and makes herself completely available to the students who make the effort to come see her. Take a class with her, any class. You won't regret it.