Sep 2002

Listen to me: I know it sounds useless, I know it sounds random, but Finnish is the best thing that will ever happen to you. You will get an A (4 points of it!!), your workload will be nearly optional (although its fun stuff and you'll learn a lot from very little of it) and you will have the time of your life. Prof Flint runs class like an 18th century intellectual salon meets pee-wees playhouse: intimate, friendly, engaging, but also silly and fun. Also by "class" I mean you and like two other people, since its always small. Talk about personal attention. Time spent with Prof Flint is always a pleasure-- the woman has charisma like you have no idea-- and you'll learn as much about linguistics and culture as you will learn of the language itself. This isn't your average dumb language class of rote memorization and acting out idiot skits based on text book suggestions for an angry grad student. It's literally Columbia's biggest and best kept secret.