Historiography of East Asia

Sep 2002

Prof. Hymes is a very friendly guy. When it comes to the realities of the academic world, he tells it like it is and brings many years of experience with the life and politics of the mind into his discussion groups. Doesn't hurt that he isn't too rigid about extensions and such things -- he really has the students' sanity at heart. However, the same easygoing passivity that makes him fun to work with can make you want to claw someone's eyes out. He may need a few weeks of prodding before making pretentious grad students stop going off on hour-long diatribes in an undergrad class. Be ready for lengthy monologues about the question at hand; Prof. Hymes' digressions will keep you involved in the conversation, but maybe not so clear of the topic. I'd definitely recommend him. But if you need to get in touch outside of class, talk to him in person -- he tends to forget about emails.