Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

Jan 2009

I am not sure why Professor Bernstein is a professor. She seems to have no interest in students. She has been my adviser for two years and still does not remember my name. She never remembers appointments. If she wants to do her own research, she should do so without pretending to teach as well.

Aug 2008

Seriously, Jenny was a TERRIBLE TA. She was unbelievably condescending. Do whatever you can to get out of her section. Half of our section seemed to be taking the class pass/fail because she drained all the fun out of it. She was overly critical of papers as well. People who had never taken a Women's Studies course before struggled, whereas students from the three other Intro to Women's Studies discussion sections were pleased with the class and learned to be passionate about the subject. Do yourself a favor: be proactive, and ask for a different TA.

Nov 2004

Amanda was one of the two professors that co-taught Fall 2003's intro class, and it was awesome! Granted, Lila Abu-Lughod was the other professor, and it was hard not to compare the two, but they were both extremely well prepared to teach this course from each of their own very different viewpoints. Amanda Swarr specifically was a good lecturer, a little dry at times, but overall a good professor. Well versed in especially transgender studies, an excellent professor to watch out for if this is your field!

Jan 2003

If you need a haircut, skip the salon and take a class with Ortner instead. She'll have you pulling your hair out with exasperation. Her lectures consist of her referencing herself and her articles in 3rd person "As in the Ortner article...." or "according to Ortner...". When asked any intelligent question, you'll get a deer-in-headlights look and a random sentence about her research with the Sherpa people. The other professor (Tally Kampen) who shared the teaching would have to intervene and correct her during lecture. Avoid this woman's presence in the classroom at all costs. It seems the only name she can remember is her own.

Sep 2002

Kristen Roggemann is filled with a rather rich soul in a rather soul-less age. That said, she is by far, the WORST lecturer I have ever had. Though a nice piece of eye candy, Roggemann spent far too much time elaborating on recent turmoil in her private life (adventures with various outdoorsmen and a lack of 'Coach' reruns on TV). While interesting, her anecdotes about her trips to upper Minnesota to take part in family reunion-plays did little to expand my knowledge of the issues. However, when she is on task, the class is a gem.