Spanish 2

May 2005

i love marissa. she is a great teacher, kind, understanding and this semester she taught me a lot. ill admit she is harder than most others but she is truly a nice person and really wants to help you. i recommend this class and her as a teacher

May 2004

Eh. Camila is a really nice person. But as a teacher...she's just ok. It'd be fine if she even simply regurgitated the book, but most of her information contradicts what is in the textbook. And the second part of Conexiones is HORRIFIC. Never has their been such an unclear textbook that fails to answer even the most obvious of questions. So a bad book with a teacher who doesn't go by the book equals low grades. Going to class was tedious because I knew that I wasn't going to be learning anything that I wouldn't learn if I sat down and did a few exercises at home. She could be a lot worse, but you could do a lot better in choosing a Spanish teacher.

Jan 2004

Decent teacher and a really nice person. Camila is energetic and friendly and makes getting through the language requirement a little easier. If you're looking for a professor that isn't very demanding and is a lot nicer than most go with Camila.

Sep 2002

This is an excellent class to take if you really want to learn how to speak Spanish as opposed to just fulfilling your language requirement. Isabel takes pride in what she does, and if you happen to do poorly on an exam, she makes a point to speak to you about it instead of just returning the test and moving on. She advises you what you need extra practice on. Isabel wants all of her students to do well, but you won't get a free ride. You have to work hard for a good grade. An excellent instructor overall.