Intro to Political Theory

Nov 2009

This is a teacher is one person you will want to avoid... The class is supposed to be awesome but the professor is just horrible at teaching, her lectures are dry and boring. I am a poliSci student who loves Political Theory and political philosophy, and in fact I read philosophy books on my own time because I love it. However, Mrs. Gundogdu has turned this subject into something i want to avoid forever, and quit possibly I may never read the work of my beloved philosophers, just because of the agony I have to endure every minute I am sitting in this class. Let me make it clear, I have no problem with hard classes, but this class is not hard, it just does not make sense. The assignments are unclear and she does not take the time to clearly explains what we are suppose to write about. To be honest, I feel bad for saying this but TA's in their 1 hour writing sessions help me understand the material better than she does in class. And since we are talking about the TAs, you must know that they have absolutely no mercy in grading the papers. They expect you to know the material and write good enough papers as if the class lectures actually make sense. Unfortunately the lectures do not make sense.

Jan 2004

Adam Branch (don't call him Professor, he is too humble for that) is absolutely amazing. He made theorists as dry as Thucydides exciting, giving us the essence of their concepts in his own way. Adam has an amazing sense of humor (who else would give extra credit for writing Haikus on their final?) and is an all-around good guy. Branch has a lot of talent. Anyone who can understand these theories and present them with ease to a class is good in my book, and Adam Branch is the best.

Oct 2002

This man is brilliant. He brings charm and excitement to material which most people would find extremely boring. This guy is AWESOME!!! He is also just a cool guy. A conference with him to talk about material is never complete without at least 20 minutes of "shmuz time". My class did horribly overall on a paper, and he is allowing us to re-write it until we get the grade we want. He is basically saying, "if you work, you can have an A". All other poli sci teachers should take a lesson from this guy...ADAM BRANCH IS THE MAN!!!!!!