20th Century Latin American Literature

Dec 2005

Gustavo Perez Firmat is very knowledgeable, in all subjects. He frequently references works of art (art, poetry, literature, philosophy...) from all around the world. More importantly, he knows how to teach. And even more important than this, he is a good person. Funny, amiable, interesting, concerned about others, etc. Perez Firmat is unpretentious and open to differing views. He has written novels, poems, and theory. Just check out his website. He is an amazing human being.

Apr 2003

Don't even think about having her as a professor for ANY CLASS. Don't mind the comments of the first year students taking Spanish 101 with her either b/c they are still fascinated with the idea of being here at Columbia. I'm a Spanish major and had to take this class, her section and although I received an A, I still regret it. She was VERY rude to students who didn't agree with what she was "explaining." Half of the time she was asking us how to pronounce words in English. Didn't care how much we learned. I am a senior with bad experiences with professors, but she is the worst (quality wise) that i've had in my four years. So DON'T.

Nov 2002

Great Professor; very, very, smart; the best thing is that you actually learn in class; the readings are right and easy, although she always sees things we can't, but she doesn't expect you to know more than her.... Class participation is encouraged. I'm a Spanish major (senior) and she has been the best professor I've had in the department. Would highly recommend. No, she doesn't call students stupid...., she does criticize, but admits when her criticisms are just her point of view. A++++++++++++