Grammar and Composition I

Feb 2006

Monica is probably my favorite instructor out of all the ones I have had at Columbia. Classes are well-organized and the syllabus clearly laid out everything for the semester. She has a beautiful voice and accent and I loved going to class just to listen to her speak. Monica would always answer all of the questions we had, even if they were really difficult or specific or... well, even if they were really stupid. Everyone in the class loved her. She is very easy to talk to and she will make sure that you do well in the class as long as you bring up any issues you may have. I definitely recommend taking a class with her if you can!

Dec 2004

Columbia needs more professors like Xavier. He is a great guy who is down to earth and makes his teaching environment very relaxed. He is very accesible outside the classroom and responsive to the requests of his students. If you have the opportunity to take a class taught by Xavier Vila it'd be in your interest to do so.

Jun 2003

Xavier is the coolest guy. I am going to miss him as a teacher. He is very fair. Make use of his office hours, he has many. He enjoys teaching and enjoys his students. The guy is always in a good mood. If you do the work, which is not much, an A is very doable.