Intermediate French I, Barnard

Dec 2016

This is the third semester I've taken french with Prof. Kilgo-Kelly. He is an effective teacher: I usually find his grammatical explanations clear and helpful. However, he isn't particularly timely in returning work, which can be particularly frustrating for compositions which you are asked to revise often with a class or two as turn around time. Additionally, every semester I have taken his class he has fallen behind. Instead of eliminating a test or presentation when we are out of time, he crams them in at the end of the semester. For this class, over the course of our last 3 classes we had a test, a presentation (worth a significant portion of our grades) and our final draft of a composition due. We also have a final in the class. Prof.

Oct 2014

Karen is a wonderful teacher. She is tough and won't put up with any bullshit but she will help you improve your french like no other. She encourages you to speak, won't give you straight answers but rather, explain things to you in French or aid you in understanding it on your own. Her critique of speaking and homework is constructive and never hurtful and she is a great, funny woman. If you do the homework and you are willing to learn you will go far in her class with a good grade

May 2013

Berenice is absolutely fantastic. Seriously. She's amazing. She's super, super fair, and just wants you do really well. Our entire class loved her, so much so that most of us are specifically figuring out how we can take her next semester. I actually took Elementary I with her - can't find the course listed. Take her if you get the chance - this was easily my favourite class, despite the fact that I was one of the worst in the group.

Nov 2002

This class is very thorough, and you definitely feel your french improving. The work isn't too bad either, a few quizes, 2 or 3 papers, and it goes very very slowly. You start with definitive articles, and do some pretty simple grammar, which is interspersed with some interesting selections of french literature, like Ionesco, and even Charles Aznavour songs