Probability 3000

May 2016

He sucks and dodges your questions. He has a heavy accent and does not speak clearly. I had to find online resources to learn this course.

Nov 2002

I've read and heard people say pretty bad things about de la Pena, but I think he is the nicest and most sincere man at this school! He loves his subject, and since this is 3000 he will assume that you love the subject too. He tries to go beyond the book and talk about current applications - he always encourages people to do internships and research. I must admit that the man does have an accent, and he isn't the best at doing complicated double integrals on the board (you'll find moments when you are falling asleep while he's spending so much time on some banal piece of math), but these things aren't the main thing about him. He sincerely wants you to learn and understand, even if that means extending every homework deadline, helping you with the homework in class and in office hours (or scheduling personal appointments), curving tests so that the bulk of the class gets A-'s, etc. If you are thinking of continuing work in statistics, math, or insurance/finance, I suggest you take the class and take advantage of all the opportunities he tries to give you.