From the Page to the Stage

Nov 2002

Scott is fun and exciting. He knows a lot about ballet, and a lot about the ballet world. He used to dance professionally, and he has lots of friends that still do. Our class had two regular guests who would sit in and join in on discussions, both of them professionals or past professionals. We also had visits from Allegra Kent, a Taylor dancer, and some cool lady who taught us ballet gestures. Scott is almost always late. One day he was sick, but it didn't occur to the class to check with the department until 30 minutes after class was supposed to start, because that didn't seem all that unusual. Scott is also very interested in student and their interests. If students want to bring William Forsythe and Pina Bausch into discussions of Balanchine, it's encouraged. While the syllabus is mostly ballet, or classical modern like Graham and Taylor, Scott certainly encourages thought on other forms.