Molecular Biology and Evolution for Nonscientists

Dec 2004

Be warned that although this class sounds easy (for "non-scientists") it isn't. The actual subject is easy but the way it is sometimes presented or tested is very confusing. The most difficult thing I struggled with was the wording of the questions on mini-exams and homework. They are very ambiguous and unclear. However, she is a very nice person and will answer all your questions. She answers emails quickly and takes participation into account. Overall, I don't think I would recommend this class though. If you like biology, take a reall class and if you just want to get easy credits for the science requirements, this is not the way to go. The class is somewhat philosophical. Discussing evolution and questions relating to it was interesting.

Nov 2003

In running with the high-school biology theme, I did not take AP Bio in high school and found Dr. Moshowitz's class rather easy to follow. She is very clear and, as the prior reviewer wrote, will explain every minute detail to make sure her info. hasn't escaped any of her students. She is a dynamic lecturer and an approachable professor. She allows you to replace one exam with a recitation grade (an option I strongly suggest as it allows you to not take the final). Her exams are more lengthy than difficult and it is nearly impossible to finish them in allotted class time; however, I think she is cognizant of this and grades accordingly. She is, overall, an EXCELLENT PROFESSOR and I recommend her very, very highly.

Nov 2002

"Dr. M" is awesome. I took AP Bio in high school, didn't do all that well in it, and didn't retain very much of the information. But this class really helped me understand the CONCEPTS behind biology, and why it is important and applicable in everyday life. She uses great "real life" analogies to explain things, and if you don't get it, she won't stop until you do. No question is a "stupid" one in this class.

Jan 2000

Mowshowitz almost seems to neglect the "non-scientist" part of the course title. Let me put it this way: If you didn't take AP Bio (I didn't) and you don't really like science, and you're looking for a relatively painless way to fulfill your science requirement, THIS ISN'T IT!!! Run! Run away! She grades extremely hard and her lectures move way, way, way too fast. Her diagrams are often unclear to the point of misleading you. I'm sure this class is easier than real Bio but for heaven's sake, don't take it unless you enjoy the idea of self-flagellation or you have a really strong background in Bio and want a relatively easy class. The one good thing: she's a really nice woman (even if her lectures aren't terribly well presented or clear or organized) and she'll meet with you and explain everything to you.

Jan 2000

I strongly disagree with the other reviewer. I took AP Bio in high school, but I did poorly and don't remember a thing, but I still found this class pretty easy. She is VERY clear and thorough and an excellent teacher. She'll answer any question that anyone asks, and will not give up explaining it until the person understands.