Intro to Organic Chem I

Dec 2018

Let me start by saying that I previously took orgo 1 at Barnard and failed, then didn't get off the waitlist for Doubleday's class and ended up here. And thank GOD I did!! My grade isn't superb -- actually quite far from it -- but this has everything to do with me and not Professor Phillips. She is an amazing lecturer, provides clear and articulate explanations, is so willing to answer questions, and DEEPLY cares about her students. She even makes an effort to learn each student's name and get to know their learning style/personality. There is a LOT you can do to succeed in her class: *ATTEND LECTURE* and her personal office hours, take thorough notes, go to ALL the workshops, do ALL the practice tests she has on Canvas, ask questions during lecture, and just keeeeeep doing practice problems. Forget about the textbook, unless you need to reference a specific mechanism or need clarification on something already mentioned in lecture. Her workshops are amazing, and while they seem like a lot being 2 hours on a Thursday or Friday, they actually significantly reduce the amount of independent studying you need to do for the class. She is personally present for all of them, and there are previous students of hers/grad students there as "workshop helpers". They are surprisingly fun and give you an opportunity to make friends in the class/form study groups. GO TO THEM even if there is not a quiz, as the dates of workshop quizzes are explicit in the syllabus. The only way to get the answers from workshop is by going or getting them from a friend who went. Again, this is coming from someone who is not even doing well in the course. I missed lectures and workshops consistently for a period of time, and used the textbook to make up for it (which DOES NOT WORK!!). I truly believe that I could have succeeded if I had made more of a genuine effort to be more engaged with Professor Phillips and the ample resources she provides. If you are still really struggling, ask her for tutoring resources and she will recommend people that know her approach to orgo well. After having an awful experience with the Barnard orgo professor, I know how lucky Columbia is to have Professor Phillips in their department. I will be continuing with Professor Phillips for orgo 2 next semester, and will certainly be thanking myself when it comes time for the MCAT.

Nov 2002

not many people know about doubleday. good prof - teaches the important parts of every section well in class. he answers questions (and there are a lot of stupid ones since there are post bacs) well too. his motto is "if it's not in the book, i won't test you on it". pretty sweet when you consider how much extra info he could be dumping on you. plus the class is gs so it's in the evening. gives you previous exams for practice and his tests follow the same format. a good and fair teacher, fair exams, good partial credit if you're ta is cool, but the class is NOT curved, but 1 exam is dropped. the only bad thing is that it's full of post bacs and unless a scheduling conflict happens so that all the seas bme kids are in the class too, you'll be the only undergrad out of 150 post bacs who only take 2 classes, sponge off mom and dad, and complain about how much work they have to do. they tend to do really well in the class, but there's no curve so it doesn't affect you at all - but you do have to sit through their inane questions.