Calculus IS

Oct 2003

There is no workload in this class, true. If you listen to the lectures, you can walk away from this class having learned how to approach math. Prof. Hamilton is interesting and fun in lecture, and he makes calculus seem interesting and fun.

Jan 2003

No, no, no, no, no. Do NOT take this professor. His lectures are boring as hell, he puts proofs on tests, he makes you learn delta epsillon, and you can barely understand a word he says. On the other hand he is a very nice guy and will gladly help you out in his office hours, and will go over a test with you if you think it's been graded unfairly. But none of these things makes me recommend this prof. No, I say!

Dec 2002

Don't take him. Just Don't. However brilliant he may be as a mathematician, he sucks as a teacher. All the lectures are taught in a grating monotone that makes you zone out. He never assigns homework, which is good if you already know the material, but doesn't help with learning. And he constantly cancels class to go home to Hawaii (bastard)

Dec 2002

This class was hard to stay awake for, due to the professor's hard to understand accent and monotonous way of lecturing - during which he basically writes on the board the same material you could read out of the textbook. Attending lectures was useful if you wanted a better idea of what would be on the exams, but if you took Calculus in high school, the first half might be a snooze fest. He gives two midterms and a final, and they are extremely hard, with too many proofs and too few applications of the theorems. But he doesn't realize that they are hard, and after each midterm, he seemed surprised when no one thought they'd done well on them.

Nov 2002

Prof. Ciao is a really nice guy, and is very smart, but I would be lying if I said that I enjoyed his class. The homework was deceivingly easy, and the tests very difficult despite the pretty generous curve. Prof. Ciao is more than willing to help you out and answer questions in class, but the lectures are kind of confusing. Overall a difficult and confusing class, despite a really nice teacher.

Jan 2000

Professor Friedman is evil. He is a boring lecturer who often refuses to answer reasonable questions which he dismisses as "stupid." His tests are difficult, harshly graded, and there's not always a curve to help you out. His status as a native english speaker does little to make his lectures comprehensible. If you are taking one of his note-based classes, I'm sorry but he stands in front of whatever he just wrote on the board, and then erases it when he moves out of the way. Stay away. Stay far, far away.