V1102 Elementary Spanish II, C1201 Intermediate Spanish I

Jan 2021

LOVE her! She made Spanish so much fun and comfortable. I definitely felt comfortable talking in her class and even guessing if I didn't know the answer. She was SO nice and very understanding of how this year was different. The work was easily manageable and the daily homework never took me more than 15 mins. She always tells you what to expect on a quiz or what the guidelines are for a project.

Dec 2016

Mean-spirited and discourages students from learning in every possible way. Take the advice of past reviewers and avoid, avoid, AVOID.

Apr 2015

He seems like the man. Nope. I took this class as a sophomore with a good understanding of spanish already, thinking it would be a walk in the park...overall it was, but it was so incredibly frustrating. The class itself is so dull and you will learn nothing on any given day. (if you're pretty good at spanish overall take this class, don't do anything during it and you'll get by fine, if you have no knowledge and want to actually learn something, find another teacher). Oscar is super nice and you can tell he wants to be a cool dude that is fun etc - at times he is and its great - but at other times nothing is conveyed in a straightforward manner, nothing is organized he can be a little rough and confusing, did I mention nothing is organized? There is also a lot of work to be done for such little reward. Homework twice a week online, about 4-6 exercises each with about 7-15 questions, some multiple choice, most written, 4- one paged compositions, a project, midterm and final, a few short quizzes. The list goes on. You'll become a work horse and won't learn anything either from him nor the work. Participation is a huge part as well and no matter if you participate he will always mark you down for not doing enough. If you participate fine but only participate with your neighbor or those close to you, you will get marked down. No winning here.

Oct 2014

Get in someone else's class if you can. She assigns so much homework online and in the grammar book. Also, in the grammar book, you can't just bring your book to class and let her check it- you have to write it in your book, scan it, then upload it to Courseworks by midnight. It's such a hassle, and she gets easily annoyed if something goes wrong in uploading it. She doesn't care if you can open your grammar book and show her you did it. Like the last reviewer said, she laughs all time and no one knows why. That was cool with me in the beginning, but I started to notice that sometimes she would be laughing at the way some people spoke Spanish. If they used the wrong words or said it really slowly or something, she would giggle at them. Lastly, I noticed that a lot of people in my class had no idea what was going on most of the time because of the way she taught. The most common example of this in her class was she would speak super fast and then stare at us. We would stare back.Finally we would figure out that she had just told us to do some activity, but literally no one understood her well enough to know what to do initially. She isn't the best professor, honestly. Find another one.

Jan 2000

A Cuban woman with German roots, Perla is at her best when covering culture and history. As a teacher of the language, she is good, thanks to her razor-sharp sense of humor. She runs a tight ship but the load is not that bad. Usual amounts of discussion and presentations.