Latin American Lit/Culture

Mar 2004

Having prior spanish lit classes in the college and enjoyed all of them, I came into this one assured that I would in the end enjoy it. I was very wrong. I'm not a native spanish speaker, but those that were, made it hard for others to comprehend what they were saying they spoke so fast. Not only that, but the teacher allows the same two or three people to participate and ask the dumbest and most banal questions, increasing the already alive boredom thriving in the class. Riobo, though his implied intelligence is ever reiterated, takes the joy away from the interesting nature of the first literatures from Latin America; and though he may be an "fair" grader, there is no soul or passion imbued in his lessons.

Jan 2000

An Argentine flower with only a slight (and thus comprehensible) accent. Smiling and gracious, she has trimmed the readings to the bone and doesn't seem to mind when you neglect to do them anyway.