Historical Sociology

Dec 2007

This is my third course in the Sociology at Columbia, and the most disappointing to date. There was no way to measure how well you were doing in the class, because nothing, NOTHING, was graded!! Instead, your grade was determined by one twenty page paper. That's it, nothing else. I met with the TA, and with the Prof., and was told that my paper, a topic you choose, was right on track. In fact, I was told that I was one of the best in the class. However, this was not reflected in my grade. I was shocked, and surprised considering I never missed a class, did all assignments on time, participated, and was told that I should consider being a sociology major. Needless to say, I will not after this experience. I agree with the other reviewer who stated that Prof. Barkey does not like interpretations that differ from hers. You must stay inside the box, which I learned early on. However, other opinions are valid, and can be substantiated, but it is best to keep your mouth shut. Hardly what one expects from an Ivy League education. I'm sorry I took this class, and would never recommend Barkey to anyone!

Jan 2003

Karen is AMAZING. She explains complex concepts simply and without leaving out nuiances. She is amazingly helpful during office hours, helping form thesis for papers,ect.

Dec 2002

I took this course Fall 2002. Prof. Barkey was enthusiastic and energetic which makes for great lectures. However, I made the mistake of taking this course as my experience with sociology when I am not interested in sociology as a major and that made the course boring. Do not take this unless you are interested in sociology or have to. If you do...enjoy it because i'm sure it will be wonderful.