Introduction to Women's Health

Jan 2003

Prof. Young rocks! Her class was interesting, informative and TOTALLY managable! The topics were well chosen, lots of great films and readings and good ( with very few not so good) guest lecturers. Her grading was reasonable and fair with alot of multiple choice, fill ins, and true/false as well as some easy questions, however, she gives you a TOTAL and COMPLETE outline of the midterm and final and does not ask anything more than what is on the sheet she emails you! To top it all off, Professor Young is articulate but not condescending, passionate but never preachy, and really interested in knowing her students! If you can't tell...i had a great semester in Women's Health with Prof Young, one of the advice take the class and take advantage of Professor Young's availability and intelligence and of course her study guides/notes!!! You won't be sorry!

Dec 2002

I completely disagree with the other review! Professor Young's lectures might have been disorganized at times, but I found her to be a very enthusiastic and informed lecturer. She continuously emailed us direct notes from lectures so we knew esactly what material to focus on, and she was extremely accomodating and available to meet with students. Sometimes, though, the guest lecturers were pretty dull and those classes were pointless, but I found the rest of the class to be really interesting and just stimulating enough to keep me awake at the end of the day. She's really sweet, the TA was great, and overall, this class is a definite keeper!

Dec 2002

Professor Young's class is unorganized, and the facts presented often seem quite random. She grades rather hard-on every occassion I entered the exams knowing the information very well, yet did not do well. She does not test on the amount of knowledge her students possess, or how much they studied. She takes off unreasonable amounts of points for stupid nit-picking. To do well in her class is to merely get lucky. It is a very frustrating course. On the upside though, she has a good disposition and is a nice person to speak with during office hours.