Span 3200 - grammar and composition

Dec 2006

Susan is absolutely fantastic. My Spanish skills improved an incredible amount throughout this course. The class is great and she is a terrific professor, but what is even better is how willing she is to help students outside of class and how much she cares about the class. She is extremely helpful both in class and when meeting outside the class. The class requires weekly compositions, and her feedback is great. It is because of these compositions, meeting with Susan, and looking over her feedback that I am no longer (as) nervous about going abroad next semester. Moreover, the topics for the compositions are interesting, and she provides you with more than one option each week so you can choose what interests you the most. That way, you actually feel as if you are getting something out of the essays. I cannot stress enough how great Susan is -- you should definitely take a class with her. I do not believe she is teaching this same one again next semester, but whatever she is teaching, I assure you it will be great.

Dec 2002

A wonderful woman who is interested in the world around her. She brings diverse readings to class and challenges you to think and analyze them. An amazing knowlege of spanish (and english!) grammar and the history of the language, and can even explain why some of the more ridiculous grammar rules exist. It is true that she expects a high level of work, and has no patience if you continue making the same mistakes over and over again. The course is structured around whatever she feels the students need. Class will be a discussion of whatever topic seems interesting, and she will interrupt to explain grammar. There's a reading of some sort nearly every week and grammar sheets due most classes. She never collects the grammar, but goes over it in class. 5-6 writing assignments, 1-2 pages each, and 2-3 in class essays. Not a heavy load at all.