Environmental Sociology

Apr 2010

I really miss my Environmental Sociology section with Dana Fisher. It was a great class dynamic. Dana's jokes were hilarious and she was a very approachable professor. I also found it quite amusing that everyone in the class was always trying to be green. We met in 520 Math (Dana always complained about how the math department always took away the lectern) and on hot days, we suffered through no air conditioning since everyone felt too guilty to turn it on. The content for the class was actually very interesting and made me understand the difficult politics of climate change. Dana taught us, leading up to the COP15 Copenhagen conference, the various issues on passing climate change legislation. For someone concentrating in sustainable development, this class was quite relevant to fully understanding the difficulty behind climate change politics. Although readings were heavy and dense, Dana went over the readings in class making it much easier to grasp. I definitely recommend taking the course for people interested in environmental activism and climate change politics. I still remember a lot of information from the class and continue to use it in other sustainable development courses.

Jan 2010

I thought that Dana Fisher made Environmental Sociology quite enjoyable. I found her to have a good sense of humor and her jokes, and although they tended to go off topic a bit, made the class more amusing and fun. The lectures and readings were very straight-forward. Most of the time during lecture, however, we would go over many of the assigned reading - but since many of the readings were dense, it made the course much more manageable and approachable. Listen closely to what she wants you to write down on the exams. Be sure to also know the authors of the works and prepared to list them on the exam (she said that the previous time, she made her students learn dates as well, but decided not to this year because of CULPA reviews). Expect a lot of memorization. Overall it was a solid course and I would recommend it.

Jan 2005

Ok, I agree with everyone else on this point: Prof. Fisher is nice and engaging. I would even go so far as to say that she's a very likeable person. Her class, however, is on the inane for anyone with a prior background in sociology. While I didn't mind going to class (overall, the class has a very laid back atmosphere), sessions were neither necessary nor particularly easy to stay awake through. The readings were fine, but I would almost reccomend not doing them if you're planning to attend class: if you have read (and understood) them, you'll likely find yourself overwhelmed at the inability for the discussion to make itself on-topic, or even particularly interesting.

Jan 2005

I took this class as a first year, not knowing what to expect, but coming in with my interest in both sociology and the environment. I was shocked to see how economics-based this class is. You really should have some kind of background and an understanding that the world revolves around money. Overall, this class was good and interesting. Fisher basically sums up the readings in class through her powerpoints, which she later posts on courseworks, but in order to do well on tests, you need to be able to give examples from the text, so i recommend doing the readings.

Jan 2004

I agree with the other reviewer, Professor Fisher is very skilled at leading discussions -- she often jokes with students and strikes a good balance between sticking to the material and allowing us to go off-topic onto subjects that interest us personally. She pretty much covers all the information from the readings in class, which makes it easy to slack off -- but beware! -- her exams require a lot of memorization -- particularly for the midterm, you must know all the names and dates of all the authors you have read (approx. 2-3 per class), so that requires some tedious memorization. She is not a particularly tough grader, however, and the class lectures are worth the tedium of readings.

Apr 2003

Great professor. Young, personable, and engaging. Really interesting class discussions. Take whatever you can with her, she's fantastic.

Dec 2002

I've really enjoyed this class with Prof. Fisher. She's young, dynamic, funny, a great dresser, and really personable. Her lectures are very organized and thoughtful, and her online lecture notes are a big plus. She's very interested in what her students have to say, and at least 10 minutes are dedicated to discussion. The readings can be a little overbearing, especially the old school sociology readings about the evils of capitalism. But one look at her shoes and you'll realize she's not really into it either. Anyway, it gets much better later in the semester. I'd recommend any class with prof. Fisher--no matter what the subject she'll make it fun and interesting.