Metaphysics of Subsistence

Dec 2002

I had heard good things about Fraulein Professor Mueller from friends who took her Fetish course, but believe me, this metaphysics class was one long yawn. For one thing, she really should have made Symbolic Logic a pre-requisite for the class. From day one the focus was on what she called the ‘existentialist quantifier’ and for someone who had never taken logic this was off-putting. I slept through most of the endless teutonic monolog, but certain recurrent names and phrases (e.g. Alexei Meinong, the Golden Mountain, Pegasus, Sherlock Holmes) still wake me at night in a cold sweat. Far from the latex catsuit, she seemed strangely asexual to me, although on one occasion she did work up a bit of foam expatiating on “the hardness of the logical must”. I guess she’s no longer at Columbia, oh well …