Colloquium: Political Development of East Asia and the Pacific

May 2005

Ugh. I can't explain what a disappointment this class was. I love the course material but I still dreaded going to the class because she was SO boring. Even her reading selections were not all that great, and in-class discussions were always stilted and dry and never EVER engaging. To top it off, she's anal as hell (so anal that a student got up to go to the bathroom and she yelled at him and made him sit back down, what is this--5th grade?!) and it carries over in her grading. So instead of being graded on the quality of your arguments, you're instead graded on margins, footnotes, etc. I guess that's fine for people that don't really mind that, but in courses like these I always want feedback on how I'm thinking about the issues, and you definitely won't get that in the class. It's surprising because she's won lots of accolades and is semi-prominent in the field but I think in her case, it is all fluff.

Dec 2002

She is an excellent professor. She actually works over at SIPA and extremely up to date on just about every country in asia. I don't think that she teaches many semesters, but when she does, you'd better take her!!!