Psychology of Perception

Dec 2020

The most engaging lecturer I've had at Columbia. If you like professors that lecture like a performance, his course is for you. I wasn't particularly interested in the topic yet was thoroughly entertained by his lectures. He's very witty and clearly loves his niche interests, and is very good at sharing this enthusiasm with his students, he'll make you laugh a ton. Perception is mostly straight lectures but he includes a few interactive lessons which are really off-beat and fun. He is also especially kind and generous; I had missed one of the first online quizzes of the semester (I didn't realize they were due before each class instead of in the evenings), I was prepared to just take the 0 for the quiz, as it was caused entirely by my inability to read the due time. So I was surprised when he literally called me on my cell phone during finals to ask what I wanted to do about the missing quiz grade before he put in my final grade for the class. I've never had a professor reach out to me to ask why I had done poorly on something/missed an assignment, and gave me the option to decide how to rectify it.

Dec 2019

Prof. Remez is a horrible lecturer and professor. His exams are nonsensical, he constantly goes off topic in class and talks about his cooking or the fact that he grew up in NYC. I know more about his personal life and childhood than I do this actual class. I'm not doing well in the class, but I know some people who are-- how, that I don't know. He does do this thing where you take online open book quizzes every week and that counts for ONE HALF of your class grade, where the three tests you take total the other half. So if you're not doing well, as long as you do well on the quizzes you should pass (hopefully). Honestly I wish I had taken behavioral neuroscience, at least I might have learned.

Jan 2017

If you want to just read the textbook or just go to class-- THIS IS NOT THE CLASS FOR YOU You need to go to lectures and do the readings in order to succeed in this course. There is also a lot of teaching you will have to do for yourself on the textbook readings and the class is more theme based. That being said the lectures can be incredibly interesting and engaging. I truly enjoyed taking this class.

Dec 2016

AVOID. An incredible lecturer?! Is the person below me insane?! This professor is awful, he doesn't actually lecture about course material and you WILL end up teaching yourself this course and putting in hours of studying for a mediocre grade. Hence, taking this pass/fail. The exams were impossible (75 questions in just over an hour) and he actively tries to trick you and make the questions impossible to understand with unnecessary jargon (just so you know, the class average on each exam was between a 62 and 65, and the class high was consistently in the 70s, so let that sink in). Don't be fooled by his apparent charm on the first day, it translates to nothing but irrelevant lectures with tangents that make no sense. Take this class only if you enjoy seeing your GPA die a slow death and listening to a 70-something man stand at the front of the class and talk in ridiculous jargon for an hour and 15 minutes while you profoundly question why you ignored this culpa review. And if on the second day of lecture, you are frantically flipping through your textbook trying to locate where his lectures are pertaining to, know that you are just one of many generations of Perceptioners before you that had no idea what was going on. This man is a life ruiner. He ruins people's lives.

Apr 2015

Professor Remez is an incredible lecturer. If you absolutely, with no wiggle room, need to stick to the syllabus and have clear idea of what is relevant to the exam in every lecture, he may not be for you. His lectures are more conversational and involved than powerpoint-style organized. Tangents are frequent, but always interesting. Questions at all related to the material are welcomed (though he may come back to it later if the class needs to cover a lot). Professor Remez is clearly passionate about not only his field, but about applications of his field in other disciplines. If anecdotes help you understand concepts, his lectures can really help to lock down the information you get from the book. If at the end of the lecture you have a pile of unanswered questions, is office hours can either be getting bullet point answers to them all, or talking in depth about the ones you are more interested in/worried about. Either way, you lead the office hours how you want them to go. It's not very difficult at all. All you have to do is be engaged in lectures, at least skim the book (though reading helps with context in lecture), and go to office hours a couple of times. The three midterms are pretty straight forward. I would definitely recommend this class to any one who is passionately interested in psych, but not necessarily to those who are looking for a lab credit and are indifferent about the material. It's an amazing experience, but I can see how the lecture could be frustrating if you're not all that curious about the ins and outs of his field.

Dec 2014

This class was so boring to go to. I didn't have a problem with the material or the book, it was just going to class that was hard because of Professor Remez's lectures. He tries to sound super academic and scientific when he lectures but in reality, you could explain everything he says in a much simpler way. Definitely go to class because for every test there were a couple of questions directly from lecture where you couldn't find them in the book. If you want an A he tells you at the beginning that its going to be very difficult.

Dec 2002

Professor Remez is an extremely engaging lecturer. While he sometimes goes off on tangents, his anecdotes do have a point and help you to understand seemingly impossible theories. He has a sarcastic sense of humor, and some students were offended by his use of four-letter words [and he did use the "F" word, if you're curious]. Sometimes his jokes cross the line - for example, when one student approached him with a question during an exam, he said something to the effect of "You need to study more." Perhaps he was not trying to be offensive, but comments like this can be offensive considering how much butt we all busted in this course. Remez kept my attention 100% of the time, and I learned more than I ever thought I could from this course. If you don't think you can deal with his antics, however, you will not enjoy the class.